Thunder Hill May Have an Issue

Is this Intersection Responsible for Accidents?


At the top of Thunder Hill there lies an intersection of Stanford Ranch Road and Crest Drive. The community of Rocklin has been raising some concern over whether it is safe. The intersection is half a mile from Rocklin High School, which means there is a constant flow of new drivers driving through this intersection.

Alex Gonzalez, a junior at Rocklin High, said,”I walk home almost every day, and see a driver have to stop in the middle of the road and have to wait for a car that wrongly went. This can only happen so many times before these start to turn into accidents.”

The intersection has a three way stop sign. Drivers from Crest Dr. can either turn right to the high school or turn left onto Stanford Ranch towards Sunset Blvd. Members of the community have voiced concerns regarding the close calls and minors almost being hit in the crosswalk.

Sheree Fischer, a resident living close to the intersection, says, “Once a week I see a near miss with people turning left in front of each other or slamming on the brakes.”

The community has voiced these concerns before, yet there wasn’t any change except for lights on the stop sign. The problem wasn’t people not stopping, it was drivers not knowing whos turn it was and not seeing pedestrians. They raised enough buzz around the issue that the Rocklin Counsel has been made aware.

Justin Nartker, the Director of Public Services of Rocklin, says, ”I’ve seen many students almost get hit.”

The counsel hasn’t spoke much on the issue, and don’t think they will until more members of the community make active attempts to change this. A petition may be the best way to pursue this issue.

Neighbors know about this intersection, but what will they do about it? They have voiced their opinions on this issue, yet, not much has been done to prevent anymore accidents. No one is against improving safety, but who is making an effort to make a change?