Sports Briefs

Sports Briefs for week of October 5th


Boys Frosh/Soph Cross Country

LAST WEEK: Capital Cross Challenge at Arcade Creek XC Course, CA | Rocklin placed 4th in the 2 Miles Frosh/Soph Div 1,2.

THIS WEEK: No events

NOTABLE: Rocklin’s highest score at was achieved by Matthew Li, who came in 64th with a time of 11:34.42.

QUOTABLE: “Cross Country is really fun to see my friends after school and run with them,” Aidan Morrison said

OTHER NEWS: Cole Toumajian and Matthew Li along with other members of the team went to rabbit an Elementary School XC meet at Rocklin High on Thursday, October 4.

Brandon Mick, Alex Bernstein, Jaret Eickman



LAST 2 WEEKS: 2 weeks ago the dance team had a rather busy week. They learned and perfected two Dr. Seuss themed routines, one for the homecoming rally and one for the homecoming football game. Last week, they had an “off” week, with just one two hour practice, working on tea, bonding and technique.

THIS WEEK: This week, the dance team will prepare a new football routine for the Senior Night football game. The team has five seniors, which this will be their last football game EVER.

NOTABLE: Before Senior Night, the moms who put together team dinner also put together a handmade gift for each senior.

QUOTABLE: “My favorite part about homecoming was the firework show at halftime. It was so fun to snuggle up with the people I love most to celebrate our successful halftime routine.” – Izzie Dicoson

FUN FACT:  Throughout the week of homecoming and the week after, over HALF of the team was sick They fought through it and continued to attend school despite their conditions to make sure their two performances were the best possible.

Clara Barnes, Shayla Verma, Lauren Rockey, and Addison Cooper


Freshman Cheer


LAST 2 WEEKs : Freshman cheer performed during halftime and did sideline cheer with JV and Varsity Cheer during the Homecoming game against Folsom on September 29th. Freshman Cheer did not perform last week because it was a bye week for freshman football.

THIS WEEK : Freshman Cheer cheers at an away game at Monterey Trail High School Thursday.

NOTABLE : Many people on the freshman cheer have never cheered before. Many of them said that the reason that they tried it this year was because their friends were trying – out or they thought it would be a fun experience.

QUOTABLE : “My favorite thing about cheer is all the people I have meet, all the friends I have made, and cheer teaches you how to work as a team,” said by Kayla Isik.

Lauren Rose and Katelyn Newton


Frosh football team

LAST WEEK :  Last week they had bye week. Instead of playing a game like normal  they were supposed to “learn” the 5 D’s of dodgeball. That didn’t work out so they decided to play capture the flag instead since it was pouring outside. The weather took a sharp turn, lighting and thunder rang out causing the boys to chaotically run in to the locker room. Everyone was screaming and the locker room was as you can imagine… soaking wet and a huge mess.

THIS WEEK: This upcoming Thursday the boys will be playing an away non conference game at Monterey Trail, Stadium (Elk Grove, CA)  @ 5:00. Rocklin enters the game at 5-2 while Monterey Trail enters the game at 4-2.


“Last week was super chaotic, everyone went crazy, because while we were about to start a lighting and thunder storm started” (Roy Fruehauf.)


The players that got hurt are Anthony O’brien and Jake Moore. Anthony got injured during football and Jake got hurt at the dance.

Grace Alfaro, Mia McGarry, Jazzy McMillin , and Abby Williams

Cross Country girls

LAST WEEK :  They are going against Clovis Invitational at Woodward park in Fresno

THIS WEEK: They have no races this week.

QUOTABLE “She loves running and doing cross country, she does cross country for conditioning for other sports. – Harley Hill

Riley Flynn, Angelina Barrios, Isabella Rodriguez, Angelina Ghita


Girls JV Water Polo

LAST WEEK : Rocklin vs. Del Oro 10-9 Rocklin vs. Oak Ridge 12-10 and currently unbeaten.

THIS WEEK: Rocklin vs. Whitney (10/9/18) Rocklin @ Western States (10/12/18)

NOTABLE: “I think our best play was when we played Del Oro. Someone got ejected on both teams so it was five against five and then another person got ejected so it was five against four… and that was insane but luckily I blocked the shot so it was all good” Kylee Hopkins said.

QUOTABLE: “Being a team captain for me is knowing that I have experience that I can teach the other girls and that my coach chose me to be a team captain to be a leader to the team and show the other girls how to learn to play water polo and how to make them feel more comfortable as a team” Marni Bauer said.

Marli Hutak, Kendall Lacker, Tabby Hogue


JV Cheer

LAST TWO WEEKS : Rocklin vs Folsom Homecoming football game (9/28/18);  Rocklin vs Grant football game (10/5/18)


NOTABLE: At the homecoming football game, all cheerleaders (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) got together and cheered for the Rocklin Varsity Football team. It was a great sight to see.

QUOTABLE: “I would say we started off pretty strong and we are meeting a little bit of road bumps down the way and we are having a little bit of difficulties but everything is getting worked out so it’s pretty good now.” (Said by Joshua Lucho)

EVERYTHING ELSE: On our Rocklin JV cheerleading team, we have two freshmen cheerleaders who are both from the Bay Area, have moved, and now are loving their lives in Rocklin.

Kaylee Mazon, Malia Damacion, Devyn Galia


Rocklin JV Football

LAST WEEK :Improved to 8-0 with a 29-6 win at Grant.


NOTABLE : They are undefeated and if they win the next two games they have, they will win league.

QUOTABLE : I asked Cole Becker what his favorite part about competing was and he said, “I like to beat people and I like to be able to win because I don’t like the feeling of losing.”

EVERYTHING ELSE : Cole Strandberg came back last game from a back injury which had to do with his two discs. Cole Becker is also going to attempt to come back and kick after his hip flexor injury.

Layne Swenson, Brad McWIilliams, Justin Eklund, Teeg Slone


JV Girls Golf

PREVIOUSLY: The JV girls golf team was scheduled to play against Granite Bay at Whitney Oaks golf course, but Granite Bay forfeited the match by not showing up. Even though their opponent did not show up, the Rocklin team still played and scored 257.

The team also played Roseville at Sierra View and won with a score of 251.

LAST WEEK: The JV team played Nevada Union at Whitney Oaks and Oakridge at Serrano. The team won against Nevada Union 275-313 and Oakridge was a rainout.

NOTABLE: Hope Magnusson played in her very first golf match last week.

QUOTABLE: We asked, “How has being on the golf team changed your personality?” “It has made me calmer because my other sports are more adrenaline based. Golf is more peaceful, it is just me against the course,” Allison Monoghan said.

EVERYTHING ELSE: Also on Saturday, the 13th, the golfers will be golf caddies for a tournament going on at Whitney Oaks golf course.

Cara LeRossignol and Audrey Picart


JV Girls Volleyball

LAST WEEK :  The JV girls volleyball team faced off the Folsom Bulldogs at home on Thursday, October 4. The team defeated Folsom in 2 games

THIS WEEK: Rocklin at. Granite Bay, Tuesday Oct. 9  Rocklin vs Del Oro, Thursday Oct. 11

NOTABLE: Looking to improve their record after a heartbreaking loss @ Whitney (1-2).

QUOTABLE “We have team sleepovers because we are like sisters and we love each other”

-Jordan Overboe

INJURY RESERVE Taylor Sutton- Shoulder strain

TEAM GAME- The team played Bongo

Jaylen Pickens, Zach Nigh, Dylan Branco


Varsity Tennis

LAST WEEK : On October 4th Rocklin plays Folsom.

THIS WEEK: On October 9th Rocklin plays Granite Bay and on October 11th Del Oro

NOTABLE: What is something worth noting. Good, Bad, or Ugly

QUOTABLE: A direct quote from someone about the team, games, etc.

EVERYTHING ELSE: anything ;you might want to ad Injury Reserve You can create your own all caps category.

Landen Dean, Sam Eckenburg, Jackson Minnick,