Anna Akhmetkulova: New Life in Sacramento, CA.

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Anna Akhmetkulova: New Life in Sacramento, CA.

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Moving to a new country, learning a new language, and meeting new people would be hard for anyone. For Anna Akhmetkulova, she had to go through all of this at only four years old.

Anna is seventeen years old and a senior at Rocklin High School. She was born in Uzbekistan, but has lived most of her life in California. Thirteen years ago, Anna’s parents wanted better job and life opportunities that they didn’t have in Uzbekistan.

At the age of just four years old, Anna moved across the world to Sacramento, California.

Luckily, Anna was able to adjust to life in America pretty easily. Because she was so young, Anna was able to learn English quickly and make new friends.

“I’m really glad that my parents chose to move here because I was able to meet all of my friends in Sacramento and Rocklin”, Anna said.

Now, Anna is grateful that she was able to grow up in California, and was able to meet new friends and find her passion. Anna is fascinated about studying history and wants to become a history teacher in her future.

“When I was younger, I had a book with lots of interesting historical topics. I would read it all of the time. That’s when I started loving history”, Anna said.

Anna’s favorite subject in school is history, and has had great opportunities at her schools to learn about different topics.

With good friends by her side and a love for learning, Anna is planning on having a great senior year at Rocklin High.