Kendall Lacker: Thinking Ahead

Staying positive to gain new skills

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Kendall Lacker: Thinking Ahead

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“The gateway to life.”

School might be a negative subject to most…But Kendall Lacker a freshman at Rocklin High school”

Times might be frustrating, but throughout the school year she says “I learned more skills socially and academically” ,she said “I wouldn’t be how I am intellectually.”

‘The ‘boring’ classes might not seem helpful but soon enough it will pay off .’

“You might be failing a certain class ,but keep your head up high.”

Focusing on school is important to make sure she keeps up to date with her work and anything else that’s a necessity ,so she can move on through the journey through school.

Pushing through school sometimes is difficult, but it shaped her as a person – school helps her know her own focuses. It teaches Kendall to deal with everyday problems.

Kendall Lacker thinking ahead taking advanced classes to look good on a scholarship.This was a choice which takes up an elective.She started off in spanish 1 in middle school to the lead in as a freshmen to be in spanish 2 advanced.

She has a plan for her future to go to UC Irvine “taking spanish 1 early on, was a great decision because to get to UC Irvine they look for the students who work hard and challenge themselves.”

Socially Kendall believes it helps with relationship which is very necessary to boost of confidence and people skills.

Kendall has formed  many positive habits due to her respect for school “to help me focus on the daily is, chewing gum“ to stay on point with the class. Color coding is also an effective focusing technique she loves todo. For Kendall getting enough sleep is a major key as well.

All around Kendall deems that focusing on school benefits hetr with everyday life it will lead her  to the life she wants in which to be happy and satisfied.