Allison McCrary: Editor Extraordinaire

Senior, Allison McCrary, tells us about her experience with journalism


Spending hours interviewing, writing, reading, and editing. Not everyone is willing to put in the work like senior, Allison McCrary.

Allison has been in journalism classes for all of the four years she’s been a student at Rocklin High School. Right now, Allison is a peer teacher for the Journalism 1 class her freshman sister, Marissa, is in.

Besides being a TA, Allison’s other title is editor-in-chief of The Flash magazine and online news site. She appreciates the style of writing used for journalism, as opposed to the structure of the writing you would do in Language Arts. She also has a soft spot for interviewing.

“I really like to ask people what they are passionate about when I’m writing a story and I get to see them open up and really get to know them,” Allison said.

As editor-in-chief, her job includes planning the magazine and editing stories written by other students. In the classroom, she has a leadership role which she enjoys.

“When I’m in class, I like the leadership part of it and I think it’s a really cool experience,” she said.

Because of her experiences, she feels like she has improved in leading groups and opening up to other people in the was she enjoys seeing other people open up in her interviews. Allison feels like she is more open and can be herself. This summer at camp, Allison was happy to accept her leadership role as one of the young women who planned and led activities.

When Allison graduates from Rocklin High School in the spring, she is considering a career related to journalism or something akin to video editing or graphic design. On the flip side of that, she may also pursue a career in a more technical field like engineering where she could use skills like communication from journalism.