Devinna Leaves Sports Med

RHS Sports Medicine welcomes a new leader


Rocklin High School has numerous clubs and activities, and one of them is sports medicine. Sports med is a club that you must try out for at the end of a school year in order to be accepted into the club for the next year. In sports meds, you learn how to take care of minor injuries and you also attend sports games in order to care for someone in case they get injured.

The “leader” or adviser of this club was Ms. Debi Devinna, but unfortunately, she is stepping down from this position because she is also a cheer coach and a P.E. teacher, and simply does not have enough time in her schedule. The club will still go on without her, but there will be dramatic changes.

Kendall Milligin, a junior who is in sports meds, states, “After she [Devinna] left a lot of things changed. We were waiting for about a month for a new leader then we finally got one.”

Matt Eckman, a science teacher at Rocklin High took charge after Devinna left until someone more permanent was found to lead the club.

“He [Eckman] got everything put together for us, he made sure we got on buses for the away games, he made sure the training room was open for us after school,” explained Kendall.

After Eckman, Lindsey Miroff stepped in to be the director.

“Ms. Miroff was originally the co-director when Devinna was the director so she just stepped in and took the place,” Kendall said.

Since Ms. Devinna has a lot on her hands with being the cheer coach and a P.E. teacher, she unfortunately could not continue with being the leader of the sports meds team. Sports meds, however, will not die at Rocklin High. With time, it is anticipated to grow into a bigger club and, in some people’s hopes, even a class in the future.