Life is a Pitch

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


Even to this day, Allie still remembers the time she threw the winning pitch at championships, it was the first time she had a achieved something this grand in her life. This one moment for that little girl, opened a door to something she would love for a lifetime.

Through hard work and practice, ninth grader Allie Monaghan discovered her passion for softball at the age of 10 when she pitched the winning pitch at championships for her team The Aces.

At age 6 Allie began her softball career here in Rocklin. Her parents pushed her to join a sport and she tried a lot of different things but softball was the only one that clicked with her.

She began like most do, with not much experience and little to no talent, but with determination and persistence she found herself bringing her team to victory.

“I remember sitting in the dugout after the game had ended and reflecting on what just happened, I had just pitched the championship winning pitch… I even whispered under my breath this is my sport, and I am going to do this for the rest of my life,” said Allie Monaghan.

Allie chose the sport and the sport chose her. She still continues to play softball to this day with the Rocklin Rebels and has traveled to Nevada, Washington, and Arizona for games.

Her weeks vary but she plays 5-7 days a week for a total of 15 hours, and balancing this with school can be tricky. Though after many years the sport has taught her many valuable lessons about tenacity and dealing with stress.

“Softball has been there for me my whole life,” Allie said. “It’s helped me with daily stress, anxiety and helped me expand my comfort zone.”

Allie wants to join Rocklin Softball team and play for the JV team. Then by her junior or senior year Varsity.

“I knew since I was 8…. When I was little I was very ambitious I wanted to be captain of the Varsity team. Now I realize that is probably not going to happen, but it’s worth a shot,”

As for the future she hopes to continue playing throughout college and spread a love for the sport with her close friends and family.