The Hate You Give Review


If there was an issue you were passionate about would you fight for it or hold back?

Out of 461 students surveyed at rocklin high school 221 students said they would and 84 said they wouldn’t.  

There are many ways people can fight for what they believe in or showcase it like writing books, artwork, ect.

 Published in 2017, “The Hate You Give” is a realistic fiction book written by Angie Thomas, an African-American  from Jackson, Mississippi. This amazing book was written for young adults and teens depicting issues around police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The main character, Starr Carter, witnessed the killing of her African-American friend by a White police officer. Khalil, Star’s murdered friend, was judged as a violent gang member based on where they grew up. People who knew him well knew the police used unjustified force on an unarmed black teen. Star’s passion behind justice for Khalil started a revolution in her neighborhood.

Growing up in a drug and gang infested neighborhood, Star was sent to a predominately white private school. Because she went here she was viewed as preppy or “too good” for her neighborhood.

This book has moved people all over America. But unfortunately, it was banned in the Katy, Texas school district because it repeatedly used the “N word.”  Instead of focusing on the context, school officials sent a message that some stories should not be told.

Police brutality and racial issues make some people feel uncomfortable, but these issues should not be ignored. Many communities are constantly affected by injustice and turning a blind eye never solved problems.

Out of 462 students at Rocklin high school only 12 students have said they read the book 378 said no, and 72 said they have heard of it.

The Hate You Give brings an awareness of the issues today’s society face. The author shows her readers that it’s okay to fight for what they believe. On October 19th, the movie version will be released in theaters.