JV Football Remains Undefeated

Fall Sports Briefs


LAST WEEK : Defeated Oak Ridge 28-10, 6-0 on the season.

THIS WEEK: Folsom for Homecoming, Friday @ 4:45

NOTABLE: The JV football players walk out onto the field saying a chant that hypes them up.

QUOTABLE: We asked Daniel Bracone how he liked the coaching staff and he said, “Good because they are fun and very dedicated to us and the sport, they also make us work really hard.”

EVERYTHING ELSE: No injury within the last two games.

Brad Mcwilliams, Justin Eklund, Layne Swenson, Teeg Slone



LAST WEEK : SFL Meet #1 at Willow Hills Reservoir Course


NOTABLE: Austin Louie recently got moved up to the Varsity XC team from the Frosh/Soph team.

QUOTABLE: “Cross Country’s really crazy, but like a good crazy that makes it a lot of fun, yet there’s still time when we get serious and concentrate” – Cole Toumajian

By Alexander Bernstein, Brandon Mick, Jaret Eickman



LAST WEEK : Halftime performance with Whitney at Quarry Bowl

THIS WEEK: They are working on their rally and halftime routines for homecoming.

NOTABLE: It was the rookies first Quarry Bowl which was a super cool experience for them.

QUOTABLE: “I like football games because I just feel like there’s a lot of energy during them. Especially Homecoming, which I’m excited for!” -Avery Riseman

EVERYTHING ELSE:  Varsity members got to take turns going to dance in front of the student section during the Quarry Bowl game and they said it was so much fun.

Clara Barnes, Shayla Verma, Addison Cooper, Lauren Rockey



LAST WEEK : Freshmen Cheer cheered on the sidelines but did not perform at halftime at the Rocklin vs. Oakridge game.

THIS WEEK: Freshmen Cheer prepares for the homecoming game.

NOTABLE: Before and after games Alaina Nelson and Savannah Boyce do back handsprings down the field.

QUOTABLE:  “My favorite thing about our team is that we are all a big family and everyone knows each other and trusts each other,” said by Leila Tyukayeva.

Lauren Rose and Katelyn Newton



LAST WEEK : Tournament vs. Jesuit, Friday(9/21) Saturday(9/22)

THIS WEEK: Granite Bay Thursday (9/27) Jesuit Jamboree Tournament Saturday (9/29)

NOTABLE “” I have made 50+ friends from the sport and I feel more inclined to want to help out around the school” Wesley Baird.     

 “… it has made me want to become a better student” Tyler Cheshire.

Marli Hutak, Kendall Lacker, Tabby Hogue



LAST WEEK :  Oak Ridge (Rocklin vs Oak Ridge) 9/21/18

THIS WEEK: Folsom for Homecoming 9/28

NOTABLE: (rituals?)

“So when we break we put our hands in and we form a ‘J’ and a ‘V’ with our hands and then we say ‘Who, who are we…’ then we clap and say ‘JV.’ Then before every game we get in a circle and say that we are going to do great and cheer each other up. It gives me a little more confidence that we are there for each other.” (Interviewee: Noelle Martinelli)

QUOTABLE: (stunts at halftime-Quarry Bowl)

“Most of the stunts we did consisted of libs. We did a lot of Supermans. We did fulls and halfs. I think it went very well. I saw a recording of the video and all of the stunts hit and I was very happy about that.” Sidney Hakmiller)

Alternatives: Due to the loss of three players, the JV cheerleading team had to make adjustments to their positions and now have no alternatives. Therefore, if someone can not be there because they are sick or injured, no one would be able to fill in their spots and keep the practices and games going like the JV team had planned.