A Truly Moving Experience

Sam Baronowski makes a move that creates new possibilities for him.


Samuel Baronowski moved to Rocklin, California when he was going into the eighth grade. He went to a new school, met new people, and had a new life.

Sam moved here because his stepdad is in the U.S air force. It was a difficult change for him. He had to leave his family and friends back in England, but he continues to visit them once a year and keeps in contact regularly.

“It’s definitely been a really big change for me, especially adjusting to the culture, getting to know new people,” Sam explains.

Moving to the states not only meant he was leaving family and friends, it meant he was leaving all the people he grew up with, especially his siblings. Thankfully, he has relatives from his step-dad’s side that live in Tennessee.

Leaving his family wasn’t the only hard part of moving to the states. He had to get familiar with they way people do things in America. To some people, it might not seem like a big change, and some would even be able to adjust quickly, but for Sam, England is different on so many levels.

Even though the U.K is no doubt quite a different experience for Sam, he thinks he will stay in the states for college, and maybe for a job as well.

“There’s much more here than the UK, I’ll definitely go back and visit as much as I can, but I’ll probably stay here for the meantime.”

Since Sam’s step-dad is in the Air Force, his parents have pushed him to go in the military or an occupation that is in the same field.

“He’s definitely pushed for me to maybe consider going into an Air Force school. [Also] my mum has grown from that idea. I’m not concrete on what I’m going to do yet,” Sam explains.

All changes in life are difficult, but Sam takes the challenge of moving to a new country head on. He is making a new life for himself, and taking every opportunity with purpose.