A New High School Experience

Academics Take Priority Over Personal Lives


Caitlin Caffrey and Miranda DaVoulas

As the expectations for a student’s academic achievement increase, the other aspects of the true high school experience are quickly fading. Over the years, more and more students have been pressured by peers, teachers, and parents to excel in their classes.

With the amount of stress and pressure they are put under, students have spent most of their time focusing on the academic side of school, and little to no time on extracurriculars or other school events.

“My goal throughout high school has been to graduate. This year I just want to pass my classes,” said senior Matthew Ruiter.

Rocklin High School offers a diverse variety of clubs, athletics, and other events for students to participate in, yet only a fraction of the school’s population participates.

For many that do involve themselves in clubs and extracurriculars, it is viewed as a way to increase their chances of getting into college, rather than somewhere these students can explore their interests.

However, those that do participate in extracurriculars often find themselves struggling to meet the expectations of academics due to the excess amount of time spent at practices or meetings. It is also hard to fully enjoy the extracurriculars with the overload of school work students are given.

“I haven’t accomplished anything, my goal is to just pass all my classes,” said Senior Taylor Anderson.

Many students, even outside of Rocklin High School, only have one goal in their mind as they walk onto campus; passing their classes.

In the past, students would have personal goals for high school such as trying a new sport or making new friends. Aspirations like these are going away as teens are forced to prioritize academics in a competitive learning environment.

This generation is strictly focused on success, even if that means you neglect your true interests and your emotional health. More and more students are developing depression and anxiety due to the expectations and restrictions they undergo.

Although education is a crucial aspect of life, children need to realize that our childhoods are limited. After high school, the real world awaits whether you’re ready for it or not, and carrying around regret from past years is going to create an enormous amount of stress and unhappiness.

High school is only four years long, make the most of your experience; join new clubs, talk to new people, and follow your passion, not someone else’s. Don’t let a couple bad test scores define who you are or how smart you are.