After The Big Debut

Students and coaches give feedback on color guard


Nerves racing, stomachs turning, bright shirts and dark pants. Royal blue flags soar through the air as the music blares. This is color guard.

After their debut performance this last Friday at the home game against Damonte Ranch, students, coaches and teachers shared their feedback on the performance.

Nathaniel Weide, a member of the Color Guard said he heard that “in addition to the marching band it was a nice surprise to see the flags.”Another guard member, Megan Stengle, said their coach was glad that they kept “going on” after mistakes.

As well as peers, the Color Guard coach, Mrs. Bonnie Boone, gave feedback.

Weide said she thought “it went pretty well considering it was their first time.”

Rocklin High School’s band director, Mr. Tom Douglass, said he “initially had no intention of starting color guard.” Bonnie Boone, the coach, approached Douglass asking if he did have any intentions. Douglass said “if she was willing to coach it then yes.”

Boone was the “impetus”of Color Guard as Douglass describes it. Since the Color Guard members are all brand new to it , so everything they are learning is new. As a result, they will only get better and better.

Since their first performance, more people have signed up to be apart of this new aspect of the field show.  With only three marching band practices , they are working hard to make their routine the best it can be for the Quarry Bowl.

“[The new] visual component adds another layer of what marching band is able to do,” Douglass said.

There will be a six minute field show at the Quarry Bowl with color guard, marching band, and the feature twirler. Color Guard continues to do their best to show school spirit.