The District and the RPTA settled the 2017-18 contract, but the 2018-19 contract still remains


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Allison McCrary

As of yesterday, the District and the RPTA (Rocklin Professional Teachers Association) settled the contract for the 2017-2018 year. However, this still leaves the issue of this school year’s contract.

Mrs. Colleen Crowe, government teacher and president of the Rocklin Professional Teachers Association said, “We are right back in it, but we are not in a position where we would be striking, because we first want to give it a really good try to see if we can get a settle for 18-19.”

In a District release it states that a strike threat has been removed from the 2017-2018 negotiations 

Already the District and the RPTA have met three times this month and have two more meetings planned for next week, totaling five meetings just this month concerning this year’s contract. 

The 2017-2018 contract included a 1.95% pay raise and $20 a month to health benefits, but there are still points the RPTA wants addressed in the new 18-19 contract.

“The special ed language we want in the contract is now something that we are working on for the 18-19 contract…because 17-18 is over, it is kind of hard to say ‘go put this is in the 17-18 contract’ because it’s already over. So now we are really pushing for all of that language to be in the 18-19 contract..we really need the best for students,” Crowe said.

As of right now, teachers are able to start their clubs if they would like to and may also begin to open up during lunch in order for things to possibly return to normal.

“We still need the community and student’s support because we are still working on 18-19 and we don’t want people to get the idea that we are giving up because we are still fighting for what we think is vital.”

Although the 17-18 contract was settled, there is still work to be done on the 18-19 contract as the District and RPTA plan to meet next week to work towards negotiating this year’s contract.