Changes Approaching

Much needed changes to the campus could be coming

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Changes Approaching

Emma Conway

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It has recently become evident that Rocklin is running out of space to hold the increasing amount of students that are enrolling.

Mandatory assemblies result in a quarter of the students sitting on the floor, leaving little room to walk in the gym. This is not only an inconvenience but also a fire hazard. The gym capacity is around 1300. The amount of students currently enrolled is more than 2200.

While it is not currently anything more than an annoyance, if Rocklin continues to increase the class sizes, it will soon become a larger problem that will need to be rectified before it gets out of hand.

The parking lot is filled to the brim with students who have to arrive at least half an hour before school starts in order to procure a place to park their car.

Junior Annalise Dagenbach says, “It takes me like half an hour to get out of the parking lot after school. It is hard because I have to work sometimes after school and it takes so long to get out of school.”

The empty lot across from the school has long been considered as a possible location for a second parking lot. However, it now looks like it is actually being considered as a place for the new theater.

Rocklin has a theater that is considerably smaller than others in the district. The stage is quite small and the seating has also been recognized as something that could improve.

Junior Riley Babineaux says, “I have been in a couple plays and it is always sort of inconvenient because my family has to show up super early if they want to get a seat.

If the empty lot could be turned into a new theater, it is possible that the current theater would then be turned into an extension of the gym.  

These plans have been discussed for a long time but it is uncertain when they will come into effect.

“I think they should turn the empty lot into another parking lot. Our theater is small but it isn’t something that is going to be necessary in the long run,” says junior Grace Conway.

If these changes do end up happening, it would be a positive change to Rocklin’s campus and would benefit the students as a whole.