New class in Session

Service leadership promotes student’s gratitude and support toward others


Anya Tom

A new class of Service leadership was introduced for the school year of 2018-2019.

Service leadership is a class where students are taught the skills of communication to be able to fulfill the demands that society has in store. The students in this class have to use the skills they have learned in the community in an attempt to show gratitude to someone in need.

This class is for people who are committed to helping people or to learn how to help out your community to benefit everyone.

Mrs. April Kenitzer teaches service leadership along with two other classes, world history and AP world.

Kenitzer really wants her students, “to learn how to become active and think about others and thinking about how they can make a difference in this world.”

This class was introduced by Kenitzer because of how much she loves caring about her community.

“I have always been involved in community service, always been involved in leadership and it was a huge part of my life,” Kenitzer said.

Service leadership was a very requested class.

“We had over 100 kids put it as an elective and an additional 50 to 60 kids put it as their alternative.”

They could only take 90 kids, which made it a select few that wouldn’t get the class. All grades participate in service leadership, about 20 seniors, 50 juniors, 20 sophomores and about 10 freshman.

From a students standpoint service leadership is a class to help the community and learn the skills to help out and become a leader.

Sarah Cassas, a freshman in service leadership, expects to meet people and learn how to help them.

“I guess service leadership so far is learning new ways to lead groups [and] connect people so that you find ways to help them.”

Service leadership is fit for people that want to help grow and better their community, and where they’ll be taught the elements in achieving the goal of what service leadership is.