A New Visual

Developing marching band includes a new entertainment factor for field shows.


Leah Mayer

Tall flags with wooden rifles dance across the turf field. Half time has a new performance never before seen by Rocklin High School

The new 14 girls and boys present Color Guard to the Rocklin community on August 31st. Working hard and training, they improve everyday to master the new skills they are developing.

Color guard brings “an extra flare to marching band” with the use of equipment. Flags bring a pop of color among the sea blue and silver marching. It makes the music tell a story through a unusual visual.

In Rocklin’s football league, Whitney, Del Oro, Granite Bay,  have had color guards and continue to bring it to their football games. With the developing marching band, only four years at Rocklin High School, they have taken the next step of an extra component.

Color guard is “an aspect of dance but also a visual aspect because there is a flag involved or rifle” said Stephanie Allison, a sophomore, who is on the first color guard team. Some of the color guard teammates have been in front of a crowd before through acting, band, or dance. Color Guard to them is a new way of performing and showing school spirit.

Unlike any other art that these students have done, there is a new worry of “dropping” the flag or rifle said Hailey Coker, a sophomore.