Champs of the Track

JV track wins league for the second straight year


Casey Miller

The long, grueling track season this spring has ended up in a big Thunder victory. JV track won the title for both boys and girls, and got crowned number one in the entire SFL. This is the second straight year that Rocklin JV has got their name on the trophy, and it’s due to the hard work of all the athletes.

As far as determining the winner of the league, a points system is used throughout all the track and field events and the school with the most points is victorious. Sophomore runner, Daniel McElhinney, explains that “points depend on where someone finishes in a race. It’s really complicated how they calculate and add up everything, because so many points are worth first place or first throw, or second and so on.”

Daniel, a distance runner, says that “this season was really good. I thought I improved a lot and so did the other distance runners. There were a lot of great runners out there, and I can’t wait for next year.”

Sophomore Jacob Polivka played an instrumental role in the team’s success, and he says that, “Our team bonded as a whole because we all had the motivation to try and win the championship. We all wanted the championship, so we worked together to get that.”

After winning, Jacob says, “We were all really happy. We were at Nevada Union and everyone was running around the field and we were all crying. It was great.”

After lots of blood, sweat and tears, Rocklin Thunder JV track added another trophy to their collection. It was a perfect finish to a great year.