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The administration has plans to restore and modernize the RHS library

Audrey Mayer

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The administration has big plans to modernize our campus and give students and teacher better resources to become successful. Although this project is only in its beginning stages, the school hopes to completely repurpose and restore our library.

“Our goal is to create a library for 21st century learning,” said Mr. Douglas.

As many students know, the library has been giving away free books to students over the past few weeks. Because of the increased reliance on technology for information, many books in our library go unused. The administration realized that this space could be repurposed, which has led to the mass clean out of the library.

Over the past few weeks, RHS has begun making space by giving away books to students. The remaining books have been recycled.

By making more space in our library, the school is preparing for these changes and for the implementation of new technology. The administration does not have concrete plans for what they will do with the new space, but they hope to implement technology that will help teachers and students. “[We] might use the space for a learning lab, or more of a distance learning opportunity where we can take in Chrome Books and do presentations, or possibly a resource room,” explained Mr. Douglas.

In addition to these changes, the current computer lab is going to be expanded and turned in Mr. O’Donnell’s broadcasting classroom. The textbook storage room, is going to be redesigned be a multimedia center, which will include a new copy center.

Until enough space is cleared for this project, the administration will not be able to make a decision as to what they want to implement. Although this project is just beginning, it is destined to be a positive change that will enhance the quality of learning at RHS.

The administration hopes to have this project finished at some point in the upcoming school year.


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