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The end of the year is coming, and as it approaches, departing seniors and next year’s senior class take part in a Rocklin tradition, senior sunrise and sunset. For years, students have come together, and as a class, the graduating seniors watch the sunset together, while the incoming seniors stay up to see the sunrise.

This RHS student led tradition is so special because it involves both the current seniors and juniors in an exciting milestone. Although senior sunrise and senior sunset are at different times, both groups enjoy the anticipation and joy of the event together.

For the class of 2018, this evening is one of the last memories they will have of the school year. Since they will be together outside of school for one of the very last times, it truly is a memorable experience. The setting sun represents the end of these students’ time together as RHS seniors.

As for the class of 2019, senior sunrise is all about kick starting their time as the leaders of Rocklin High School. The sunrise is symbolic of their time as seniors arriving, and senior sunrise is the perfect way to start things off in a positive way.

Junior, Nikki Bhatia, appreciates the sentiment behind senior sunrise.

“I think it is a great way to symbolize the start of our last year of high school. I’m excited for both sunrise and sunset, next year.”

The senior sunrise and sunset is an opportunity for students to come together and have a great time, some even opting to make matching shirts for the event. The excitement goes even further than just watching the sun, with trips to get food, all-nighters with friends and more.

Events like this that the students across the city get to enjoy and look forward to are representative of how special Rocklin is. Full of special activities, the RHS student experience is one of a kind.

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Sun Also Rises