Onto Something New

Mrs. Carr is retiring after 21 years, and is excited for her future plans

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Onto Something New

Audrey Mayer

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One of the many great parts of Rocklin High School is our dedicated staff, many of whom have been loyal to the school since it first opened. Mrs. Helene Carr, one of our guidance counselors, will be retiring this year after 21 years at RHS.

Before coming to work at Rocklin, Mrs. Carr worked as a counselor at Placer High School. She also taught childhood development and home economics classes at several high schools. Rocklin High School had been open for five years before she came to work as a counselor, but she has been here ever since.

“My favorite part of my job has always been talking with kids and getting them into their classes. One class might get a student inspired and help them to get better involved with the school,” said Mrs. Carr.

After working at other schools prior to coming to RHS, Mrs. Carr is able to appreciate how unique the school is, as well as all the opportunities that are offered to students.

“I’ve always loved how the teachers commit to their students. They really want each student to pass and learn something in their class. The teachers’ dedication inspires students to be just as dedicated, get involved with the school, and pursue leadership opportunities,” said Mrs. Carr as she reflected on how Rocklin stands out from other high schools.

After 21 years, Mrs. Carr is sad to leave behind the students and staff at RHS, but is also looking forward to her future plans. Next year, she is planning on volunteeri

ng in fifth grade classes at Rocklin Elementary School. She hopes to get kids prepared for their future and into the next stages of their academic careers. 

She also has big travel plans and hopes to travel out of the country with her family. Mrs. Carr has plans to go to Canada after this year comes to a close, and hopes to travel to Italy for a second time at some point in the coming year.

Despite all of her big plans, she knows she will miss the caring staff, hard working students, and positive environment that RHS has. Her hard work and dedication will be missed in the following year and years to come.