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A Night to Remember

Seniors suit up for their last formal dance of their high school career

Nikki Bhatia

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The time has come. After four years of homecoming and one year of prom, seniors are ready to attend their very last formal: Senior Ball. The stress of the ball dresses and dates is apparent, but there is no denying the clear excitement that is in the air for the special occasion this Saturday night.

A recurring theme in the seniors’ emotions is a combination of sadness, but also excitement. Sydney O’Rourke, senior, says that she is “most excited to spend the night with [her]best friends. [She’s] sad it’s [her] last high school dance, because [she loves] dances and being able to spend that time with [her] friends. It’ll be sad, because [they’re] all moving away in a couple months.”

Senior Danielle Clarion also has a mix of emotions prior to senior ball. She’s ready for the night to come, but she’ll miss the unique experiences she had with her friends over the past few years.

“I’m kind of sad, since it’s our last dance, and my friend group loved going to dances all four years. I’m also excited for the pictures, and just spending time with friends. But, I’m most excited for the party bus,” Danielle adds.

Although the dance is primarily for seniors, there are a few individuals in the younger grades that have the opportunity to go to senior ball a little early. Junior Renee Meade is a little nervous for the night ahead, but she knows she’ll be able to make the night count.

“I feel excited to go to ball as a junior, because I didn’t only have one formal this year, I get to go to two, and I had a really fun experience at my prom, so I hope senior ball is the same way. I’m a little nervous, because I’m not going to know as many people like I did at prom, but I’m still excited to go with [my boyfriend], Isaiah,” Renee explains.

The theme of this year’s dance is “Here’s to the Ones Who Dream.” Many people would like to know how ASB chooses the themes that make the night that much more special. Senior Hannah DeCew let us in on their thought process.

“We were all sitting around the table and throwing out a lot of different ideas. We wanted to choose something that a large majority would like, and that was different from past themes. When someone threw out La La Land, we unanimously loved it. It’s magical, unique and perfect for our last dance!”

It’s the night every kid waits for, and it’s finally here. The seniors are preparing themselves for one of the last big nights of their high school career, a night they’ll remember forever.

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A Night to Remember