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The Beneficial Aspects of Video Games and How They Help Different Parts of Your Life

Alex Verhaag

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It is commonly believed that video games are merely an addictive activity that kids participate in that becomes distracting and hurts their social life. However, it has been shown that gaming has numerous benefits, ranging from cognitive skills, physical skills to even stress relief.

One benefit of playing video games is that it enhances memory. Playing a video game requires both visual and auditory memory, and the player is required to read or listen to instructions, often only provided at the beginning of the game. Information given at the start of the game will have to be used multiple times throughout, so the player will have to remember it thoroughly. You also have to memorize the placement of keys which would improve memory as well.

Not only do video games help build skills, they also help meet new people and create a social virtual atmosphere.

In an interview with sophomore Jake Arneson, he said, “Most people view video games as a very antisocial activity, but [it] is actually a very social and easy way to connect with people.”

In another interview with sophomore Colby Frey, he said, “People say video games are bad, but one important thing video games have done for me is help me through hard times in life and help me cope with lots of stress.”

To go along with that, video games are also an excellent stress reliever. Video games take one’s mind off all current problems and help forget about the the stress in life while they are sucked into a world where they can make all the decisions and there no one to stop them.

Despite common belief that playing video games is detrimental activity, video games have many different benefits that can help people get through life and even help improve their skills.


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