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Everyone at Rocklin who knows senior Tyler Czapkay knows him for being a supportive and positive person despite having Cerebral Palsy. His disability makes it difficult to use his motor skills, so Tyler currently gets around in a power wheelchair that his dad made by putting different parts together. Unfortunately, his current wheelchair, which he has had for four years, doesn’t meet the needs to continue his hobby of Power Soccer.

Power Soccer is a sport played on a basketball court for people with disability who use power wheelchairs. Tyler has been playing for four years, and plans on continuing this sport for as long as he’s able to.

After seeing his dedication for the sport, his parents decided to start a Go Fund Me to raise 10,000 dollars to buy a specialized wheelchair for Power Soccer, for which they have already raised about 3,500 dollars. With the proper chair, he could play more easily and efficiently. His sister Simone, a sophomore at Rocklin, is taking the lead on spreading the word and is in the process of making posters to put around the school.

“It’s difficult for him to have a disability, so when you have people to support you it makes it better,” said Simone. Her and Tyler are very close, and that is motivation enough to raise the money for his chair.

Two of his closest friends, seniors Greg Nash and Garrett Hayes, have also decided to help with their goal by spreading the word and posting on social media.

“Tyler’s really passionate when it comes to sports and wants to do the best that he can. This is like giving back to him, because he has always supported us. We are trying to get him this chair so we can go out and support him too,” said Greg.

Tyler is on the basketball team with Garrett and Greg. He goes to every game and constantly is showing love and support for them and the team.

Tyler is a huge sports fan, but because of his disability, he hasn’t been able to truly play until now. He is excited to finally be out on the court rather than the sidelines.

“It’s very nice of people. I’m just thankful I have people around me that can help me and get the word out,” said Tyler.

Tyler’s love and support has touched many people on this campus, so please help his friends and family with their cause!

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