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Magnetic locks for Rocklin High School Doors

A Temporary Resolution for the Institution

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In response to the recent school shootings and school safety issues, RUSD Administration will be taking more precautions to guarantee the protection of its students and teachers. The solution is simple: no latch magnets for doors. Doing so will not only confirm the safety of everyone on campus, but will eliminate bigger threats were they to arise on the Rocklin High campus.

The portable classrooms at Rocklin does not have doors that can lock from the inside. This may not seem like a big problem, but with all the violent school activity on the news, Rocklin could be next.

Even during a drill, teachers would have to face the dangers of stepping outside and exposing their classrooms completely, risking not just their own life, but the students’ as well.

The magnetic locks would establish a protected classroom, while also ensuring students and staff that their safety is the administration’s number one priority.

“Rocklin has gone through quite a bit,” said Principal Davis Stewart, “we want to make sure that

everyone is prepared.”

Although it is not entirely foolproof, this is one more piece of safety that is both cost effective and security established.

A majority of the doors on the Rocklin campus, with the exception of the portable classrooms, will be locked during school hours. The latch magnet will be placed over the crease of the door, which will prevent the door from being locked closed.

During school wide drills, one will simply remove the latch magnet and the door will lock behind them.

Another safety protocol, applied with door safety, are the security velcro straps for the push bars to keep the locked doors in place. When school drills occur, a teacher or student would rip the Velcro and the push bar will be used.

In conclusion, the no latch magnets and velcro straps are a temporary solution that promises safety and security to anyone who walks on the Rocklin High School campus.

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Magnetic locks for Rocklin High School Doors