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Post Assist-A Grad

The stress is over! What now?

Kailyn J. Beily

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For those who may not know, Assist-a-grad is an opportunity for graduating seniors to gain funding for their college career. Seniors were given one month to complete as many applications as they could with a deadline of May 5th. With the bulk of the stress at an end, what are seniors up to now?

The stress of senior year is only almost over. Seniors still have to apply to other scholarships, and even choose what college they are going to attend in less than six months. Not to mention the fact that Assist-a-grad isn’t over yet! The application was only the first step of many.

“I took a peek at the application and it looked pretty daunting. You needed to do a lot of work as well, like getting letters of recommendation from both outside of school as well as from a teacher. I am glad that other people got it done,” senior Max Diven claims.

After these applications are read over, the foundation that is in charge of these scholarships then ask to interview students they think are applicable to their core message. These interviews take place April 18th, and 19th. Students are notified of whether or not they got an interview by April 3rd.

After all this,seniors who are awarded a scholarship are invited to an awards ceremony. This is held on May 14th. Lastly, the awarded seniors must write a thank you note to their foundations by the deadline, June 30th.

Students quickly find themselves juggling their time with other extra curricular activities. So much is happening in such a small amount of time, that it is just difficult for most seniors to manage physically and emotionally.

“It’s so difficult to stay present when I’ve already put so much energy into college applications and keeping up my grades. Everyone thinks that second semester of senior year is easy, but in reality there’s just more stresses and responsibilities,” says senior Audrey Mayer.

With all these events in the air, there is a lot of stress going around at Rocklin High School. The pressure is on for seniors, and it is time to get it done.


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Post Assist-A Grad