Quarry Bowl 2-1, will Whitney even it out?

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It’s that time of year again.  Football season has begun and the Rocklin High School community is eagerly awaiting the most exciting game of the year: the Quarry Bowl.

Rocklin and Whitney’s football teams will battle it out for the fourth annual Quarry Bowl on Friday, September 13th at the Whitney football stadium.

The past three years of Quarry Bowl action have proved that Rocklin and Whitney are fierce competitors. The 2010 Quarry Bowl held at RHS ended with a 48-19 win by the Thunder varsity team.  However, Whitney triumphed over Rocklin at their home game the following year with a  48-34 victory.  This past 2012 season, Rocklin managed to narrowly defeat Whitney in the closest victory yet at 6-0 here at RHS.

The past three years have proved to be in favor of the home team, but this upcoming game is sure to be hard-fought by both schools and may go either way.

“I like our chances, but Whitney may come out and get the job done,” Mr. Davis Stewart, an assistant principal at RHS, said.

No matter what the scoreboard reads at the end of the fourth quarter, the game is sure to be a community event for all who attend.  Since the year of its founding in 2010, the Quarry Bowl has been more than simply a competition between two rival football teams.

As Mr. John Thompson, the activities director at RHS, put it, “The culture of the Quarry Bowl was set to be competitive, but positive.”

Thompson, and the other founders of the Quarry Bowl including Mr. Jason Feuerbach, an assistant principal at WHS, have definitely succeeded in their quest to provide a popular, fun event for RUSD students to enjoy.

Emily Masnica, a sophomore member of the 2013-2014 RHS JV Dance Team, has attended the Quarry Bowl each year as a supporter of the Rocklin Thunder.

“A lot of us have friends at Whitney, and the Quarry Bowl provides a good opportunity to socialize. This is my first year performing in Quarry Bowl, and it will be different, but I’m excited,” Emily said.

While spectating fans from both Rocklin and Whitney will enjoy the jubilant atmosphere of the game, the pressure is on for the athletes.

“Quarry Bowl’s different because you have tons more people watching and you’re playing kids you grew up with.  That makes it really competitive,” Kevin Coulter, a WHS football player, said.

The excitement and competition of the 2013 Quarry Bowl ensures that it will be a social event that neither Rocklin nor Whitney students should miss.