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How “senioritis” is taking the seniors by storm

Audrey Mayer

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“Senior slump” and “senioritis” are only a few names used to describe the lack of motivation that seniors feel once they enter their last semester of high school. After four years of extracurricular activities, homework, standardized testing and college applications, students are worn out and ready to graduate.

Seniors are ready to move into the next chapter of their lives, whether that will be in the military, a community college, or a four year university. While most seniors are ready to move on from their high school years, their plans for after graduation has a significant effect on their emotional and mental state as they go into second semester.

For students planning to go to community college in the fall, there won’t be much change. However, it is an excellent way to save money, figure out what path is best and begin transitioning into independence.

For senior Natalie Knight, this is exactly what she plans to do. In order to save money for a university, she will be completing her first two years at Sierra College. After going to Sierra, she plans to go to beauty school.

Because she will be staying in Rocklin for the next two years, Natalie is more focused on graduating than on college.

“Second semester is when things heat up, even for seniors, and it’s important to pass classes in order to graduate,” she says.

Although her outlook on the next several years is somewhat relaxed, Natalie has many of the same feelings that her fellow seniors are experiencing. Finding the motivation to finish out strong is a difficult task, and one that students have a hard time with.

“It’s [all about] thinking about the diploma, thinking about graduating,” Natalie says in regards to how she plans to stay motivated.

On the other hand, students who plan to go to a four year university straight out of high school are about to face a lot of change. Moving away from home and figuring out how to fit in is daunting for most seniors, but also an exciting prospect.

Senior Megan Clark hopes to attend Chico State this upcoming school year. She wants to move away from home, meet new people and create her own life, which is something she feels she would not be able to do if she went to Sierra College.

“Senioritis” hit Megan hard during the first semester, but going into second semester she knows that it is going to be a lot more difficult to stay focused. The excitement of moving away from home has made it difficult to focus on what is in front of her.

“As a freshman I had so much high school ahead of me, I had so much to do and strive for. But now I’ve done all that I can and getting better grades won’t change anything and won’t change what college I get into. I know I have to stay consistent, but I’m not going above and beyond,” Megan explains.

Megan’s excitement to begin college is her sole motivation in pushing through the final semester. By applying to scholarships and planning out the next four years, she has tried to regain focus to push through these last months of the school year.

While most students are preparing to go to college or community college, others plan to devote the next several years to serving in our armed forces. It is an excellent way to save money and get real world experience for future careers.

Zach Miller has thought about enlisting in the military since he was young, but it was not until several years ago that he started taking action. As apart of ROTC, he has gained valuable information about what the military has to offer, and he is preparing to enlist within the next several weeks.

Zach has always wanted to join the military to be apart of a team that aims to serve the greater good, but he wants to save money while doing so.

“I always hear people complaining about being in debt 40 years from now, and that doesn’t sound too fun,” said Zach about wanting to save money.

He strives to be a mental health counselor for veterans after he serves, which will require extensive schooling that will be discounted by the military.

As Zach deals with the struggles of getting through senior year, he motivates himself by preparing for his journey into the military. Like college, the military requires a high school diploma,  so he has been doing his best to stay focused and finish out the year strong.

Regardless of where these seniors plan to go after they graduate, they have all worked hard to earn the next chapter of their lives.

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