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The dust has settled and four students have been awarded the highest honor a person  can receive at Rocklin High School; the title of being 3 on 3 Basketball Champions.

On (date of game), the Red Rockets took to the court and duked it out against Wuelfing and the Other Guys in the championship game, defeating them by a score of 28-25. The school-wide champions consisted of the star studded quartet of seniors Nik McClaughry, Matthew Ford, Matthew Alexander and Benjamin Mangelsdorf.

The team had a great run in the tournament and are thankful that all the hard work they put in paid off in the form of a unique drawstring bag.

I was lucky enough to speak to Nik and Ben about how it feels to be crowned champions of the event.

“I’m kind of surprised we won, the other teams we played had players with legit basketball experience. Last year we had almost the same team, but this year we added Ben Mangelsdorf and he was a boost we really needed and he took our game to the next level,” Nik said.

Ben and Nik highly recommend that other students should try out the tournament as well.

“It’s fun to compete with other kids and your friends that are in the tournament. I would recommend going out and trying it, even if you’re on the fence about it. It’s an opportunity you do not want to miss,” Ben adds.

Unfortunately, students will have to wait until next year to partake in the tournament again, but until then, future competitors and spectators alike will be patiently waiting for the next 3 on 3 team to take the school by storm.

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