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Dance 2 Partners No More?

Student Body Speaks Up

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Most students at RHS are familiar with the fun and exciting co-ed dance class called, Dance 2 Partners. The class includes boys and girls of every grade level and is known for its exciting energy in the classroom.

However, at the end of the first semester, the teacher, Mrs. Blankenship, broke the news to her students that this would be the last year for the class. The students were heartbroken to hear that their favorite class was being taken away, even seniors who wouldn’t be returning the next school year.

Mrs. Blankenship gives an explanation, “With the growing student population, there is more demand for an additional beginning course, so we will be offering 3 sections of Dance One to accommodate scheduling needs.  Dance 2 Partners has been a special part of our program, and we are excited for a new hip hop opportunity for students that is in the works.”

Upset by this decision, a group has banded together to make a petition, hoping for enough signatures to show their discontent about this decision.

Will Dowden, a senior, tweeted out the link for everyone to sign the electronic petition on It reads, “Dance 2 Partners is the hip hop and co-ed partner dancing alternative to the contemporary dance options offered at Rocklin High School. The class is planned to be removed completely starting next school year making this the last semester of Dance 2 Partners…”

Students impacted by the class have displayed their emotions in various ways. They want administration to know how much the class means to them.

The survey description goes on, “D2P has given dancers at Rocklin an outlet to dance and express themselves in a more non-stress environment with student taught dances and a close, and friendly community. Signing will show RHS that D2P is an important class with a wide impact on students; as well as prove that the student body cannot be ignored.”

With the link being posted all over twitter, hundreds have signed, reaching toward the goal of 500 signatures. Comments have been made on the petition, stating that this is an important issue that should be worked on as best as possible.

“Please sign this petition, and the paper ones going around the school to help save Dance 2 Partners! It provides so many amazing opportunities at our school and my life has changed because of it.” Says senior Alexander Hill, a passionate member of this class.

The future of this class might not be bright, but with the student body remaining strong, the fight for the class to be brought back still stands.

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Dance 2 Partners No More?