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Girl Who Code Club

Inspiring Girls to Pursue Careers in the STEM Field

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When you hear the word “code,” most people don’t picture a group of girls, but rather some nerdy guys instead. According to the 2009 Census Bureau, women only make up 24 percent of the STEM field. But with times changing and gender equality arising, the push to create a balance is beginning to show.

Mr. Paul Werner here at RHS has taken up the reins and brought the “Girls Who Code” club to our school. Although the club title clearly states “Girls Who Code,” it is a club for all who wish to join, but by putting emphasis on “girls,” girls feel more welcome and inclined to do so.

The club introduces the participants to coding and computer science without occupying schedules with an extra class. By building a foundation for coding in high school, students can gain skills that promise more success in college and in the future.

“I wanted to get more girls into computer science in high school because as I talk to students who graduated, they don’t take it in high school, but then they are majoring in a computer science-related major in college,” says Mr. Werner.

Since computer science as a class hasn’t been reaching the majority of girls here at RHS, this club is intended to provide a safe place for girls to comfortably get together and learn something new in an encouraging environment.

Julia Nguyen is a member of this club, and joined because of an appreciation of the club’s goals. She herself is going into medicine, but thinks that this opens the doors for other girls to explore the STEM field and in turn, close the gender gap in these job.

“The goal of the club in general is just to encourage more girls, but it helps to have boys in it to encourage this step forward as well,” Julia Nguyen.

As a part of a national organization that is creating a process of getting girls interested in STEM fields, this club also has a branch for middle school.

“Girls Who Code” meets once a week at lunch on Thursdays in J-7, and sometimes after school, too. This club is designed to be easily accessible to students and not require an extra class to be added to their busy schedules.

Progress is underway, and Rocklin High is helping.

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  1. Alejandro Gonzales on February 5th, 2018 7:26 am

    The horror club would appreciate something like this, I imagine


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