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Soccer Season Starts

High School soccer begins, but the girls are already ahead of the game

Casey Miller

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Winter is coming, and besides snowmen, mistletoe and reindeer, high school soccer is kicking into full swing. Girls of all levels have started conditioning and team bonding to prepare.

Kristina Mas is one freshman participating in team conditioning.

“I am excited about getting to play and meeting new people,” Kristina said.

But on the topic of conditioning, she expressed her true feelings.

“It sucks. It’s not what I’m used to and I’m pretty sore right now.”

Sophomore Makena Jensen believes there is more fun than just the conditioning which involves  running up thunder hill and doing cone work.

“We also played tag and team building activities that you had to really think about to win” she said.

One of the team bonding activities the girls play looked like more fun than conditioning.

“We had to tie balloons to each other and stay in a train and go through and obstacle course” said Makena.

Overall, Alyssa Schneider, a sophomore, is excited about the upcoming season and believes that the current team bonding and conditioning will help her.

“It’s gonna help me know the girls better and be more comfortable, and the conditioning will help me be in shape and ready,” she said.

Alyssa shares the same excitement as Kristina and Makena.

“I’m excited to be a part of the team and go to different schools to play,” she said.

Big aspirations are in the works for girls soccer, and they’ve gotten a useful, fun experience to kick off the season and ensure their success.

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Soccer Season Starts