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No Winter Dance?

RHS Removes This Year's Wintertime Dances From the Schedule

Savannah Morales

Savannah Morales

Abby Connell

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This year on the RHS calendar, there is no dance planned for the start of the Winter season. No “Fall Festival” or “Winter Jig.” Nothing.

The week we return from winter break, Runaway spirit week still remains, and the actual dance is a week later, but a pre-break dance won’t be returning for 2017.

This may be a news flash for many; I know it was for me. One of Rocklin High’s traditions is to have a festive dance for this time of year, where everyone dresses in their best Christmas-y attire, and the DJ plays all of the holiday classics. Not this year…but why?

Our Activities Director, Mr. Thompson, explains… (I’m going to add in the interview with him, but it is scheduled for next week, so i’ll have it in by then)

How do students feel about this? Students from different grade levels shared their insight of the absence of the festive dance.

Senior, Savanna Morales shares, “I’m a little sad to find out that there won’t be a winter Jig this year, I really liked being able to get in the holiday spirit and dress up with my friends.”

Freshman, Brianna Burns said, “Being a freshman in ASB, I had heard about the previous winter dances and they looked really fun, I’m sad that I don’t get to experience that for my first year, but I’m hoping that they will bring it back for the upcoming years.”

Lots of students will miss the extra kick of holiday spirit from the high school, dressing up with their friends and listening to holiday music in the gym.

Junior, Aleah Schostal explained, “To me, it doesn’t really bother me, I never went to it in the years past, but I do feel bad for the seniors who wanted to attend all of the traditional dances that we normally have, since it’s their last year.”

Although students have mixed feelings about the missing holiday season dance, it feels a bit weird to have on of the most traditional dances missing, but maybe this festive dance will make a return for next year’s holiday season.

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No Winter Dance?