Family Guy

Is Family Guy a show for the family?

Family Guy

Luke Bezanson

Family Guy (1999-Present) is a show based in a fictional Quahog, Rhode Island modeled after the real town Providence, Rhode Island.

It is centered around the Griffins (Peter the dad, Lois the mom, Meg the daughter, Chris the older son, Stewie the baby and Brian the family dog). This family’s capabilities stretches from Peter, a stereotypical blue-collar worker who discovers he’s mentally retarded after taking an IQ test, to Stewie, who speaks with upper-class English accent and is able to make a time traveling machine.

Other characters include Peter’s friends (Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire) who hang out with him at the local bar The Drunken Clam and Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons from the Channel 5 News crew.

In the episode “Where’s My Money, Stewie decides to beat Brian viciously (assault with a towel rod, a toilet seat, a push down the stairs) for giving him the money he owes him. A lot of episodes are like this, the characters do a lot of things children should not see. This is one of the reasons why Family Guy is polarizing, many parents see it as a disease to their kids, it teaches them a lot of bad lessons. Another reason why Family Guy is polarizing is because the show pokes fun at celebrities, people of certain religions, certain races and ethnicities, and deadly historical events.

        Family Guy achieves a lot of its inappropriateness and weird ideas through cutaways.

Some of the awards Family Guy has won include a Best Presentation on Television Award in 2008, a Sid Caesar Comedy Award in 2010 and a Primetime Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance in 2016.

Family Guy can be found on FOX at 9pm PST on Sundays.