Trip to Terror

Rocklin High families taken on a carousel of creeps

Maria Hudson

It came in the night. A suburban tranquility pierced by the haunting melodies of hundreds of performers. A full gymnasium. An audience in awe of the dimly lit scene unfolding before them.  

“I had 21 pages of lines to memorize because I was one of the MCs for the show,” reflects senior Amanda Kirk, “I was super excited and nervous, but it all turned out.”

The show opened with an impressive interpretation of Melanie Martinez’s song Carousel by concert choir. A brief hindrance involving the sound board came up but thanks to the deft hands of senior Will Dowden, the error was quickly fixed and the show was able to begin.

The concert brought together performing arts groups including jazz band, orchestra, concert choir, women’s ensemble, men’s ensemble, dance 2 partners and theater 4 actors. Despite a few technical errors, it overall had a wonderful turnout.

There were moments of true speechlessness and other times of excited cries as people’s hands came together in applause. Through the combined efforts of Rocklin’s performing arts students, the concert was a huge success.

“It was so good,” says senior Josette Burroughs, “There is so much talent at our school and you are always reminded of that when you go to these. I loved it.”