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Freshman Fall Ball

Baseball Players Get to Start Playing Early

Casey Miller

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Pic By: Casey Miller

Freshmen, you’re in luck, because the Rocklin Baseball program has added a season in the Fall for Freshmen to get a taste of what high school baseball is like before the regular season starts in the Spring. This is the first time in school history that Freshman have been included in Fall baseball, and the players are very excited.

“It’s a great opportunity for everyone to play with the two teams,” said Duncan Grossman, one of the Freshmen playing this year. He and others now get to play with sophomores and learn the ways of Rocklin baseball earlier than before.

The Freshman team combines with JV to make one team of 30+ kids. With all these kids, it provides the coaches with the opportunity to try out various players in different positions and see who will fit where for the upcoming spring season.

This team plays three games a week, and by the end of fall will rack up more than 20 games under their belt. This is a huge benefit for the fall players so come spring they can be leaders for the new players and get a headstart on practice and pregame drills.

Coaching the squad is Coach Daniel Clemmers, who is the freshman coach for spring league. What this means for the freshmen is that they are provided with the opportunity to showcase their skills to coaches even before tryouts come around.

For sophomores, it is just an opportunity to brush off the rust and get some playing time in order to prepare them for their JV year.

Furthermore, the games are in a low stress environment because the score of games are not kept. Most games come with no umpires, as well. In this situation, the catcher of both teams are responsible for calling balls and strikes.

This fall ball program will benefit the overall baseball program by creating new leaders, as well as making the Freshmen’s start to school that much better, and this will affect Rocklin High baseball for years to come.

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Freshman Fall Ball