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Pennywise the dancing clown is back and more terrifying than ever.

Andrés Muschietti has taken on the challenge of directing the new and improved “IT” movie. Some will argue that no one will top Stephen King’s original film and novel, but just the trailers alone are enough to fuel nightmares for years.  

The movie itself is two hours and 15 minutes of pure horror goodness. It had the perfect balance of comedy and gut wrenching jump scares. One second characters are bonding and growing, and the next Pennywise rears his disgusting head.

Not only was the movie gripping, the characters are all easy to relate to. Everyone has felt like an outsider at one point in their life. The seven kids of the losers club band together in order to face their own fears and put an end to Pennywise’s child killing rampage.

Special effects are another key to a fantastic movie. Nicholas Brooks was in charge of the overall visual effects of the movie. Everything about Pennywise and the other nightmarish creatures was frighteningly real thanks to the spectacular makeup and special effects work.

It quickly became one of the top grossing horror movies of all times after earning $404.3 million dollars in its first weeks of being open in movie theaters.

There was also a concern about certain scenes that are in the book and if they were going to be in the movie. It does have an R rating due to swearing and graphic scenes, but the movie wasn’t overly gory or racy. It was the perfect mix of horror and comedy.

This movie is most definitely not for those who are light hearted or those who are easily panicked by clowns. It was everything a horror movie should be and more. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is willing to face Pennywise on the big screen.

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