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One Day Till Tomorrow Launches Album

Anne Fey

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Music is an integral aspect of life in the Varasteh household. In addition to a room dedicated solely to writing and recording music, instruments litter the rest of the house as well, from violins mounting walls, to guitars resting in bedrooms. Mr. Varasteh is their manager, and Juniors Kamelia, Kiana and Shilla Varasteh are not only sisters, but bandmates as well.

On Sept. 1, their band, One Day Till Tomorrow, released its first album, “Infinity.” The album contains 12 songs and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and The band is mostly contemporary pop, but also has melodic ballad-type love songs and rock elements.  

According to Kamelia, most of the recording was done over the summer. In general, Shilla wrote most songs’ lyrics and initial melodies, Kiana added the piano and bass lines, and Kamelia worked with the rhythms and guitar parts. But sometimes, songs were taken apart and rewritten by all three of them in a collaborative undertaking.

“We just took them apart into tiny pieces and then put them together in this fruit bowl and mixed it,” Shilla said of the artistic process for songs like “True” and “Find You.”

Being in a band together and putting in long hours to pick their way through the proverbial fruit bowl and to eventually record the album has challenged Kamelia, Kiana and Shilla to work together.

“It’s a little hard at times because we all disagree and we are very opinionated and whatnot, but… we always end up coming back together,” Kamelia said.

“It’s really convenient working with your family,” Kiana said, citing both the advantages of having a shared living space, and of being able to depend upon the emotional connection she and her sisters share. “Family can’t really break apart. Friends, you can defriend, but family, you can’t un-family… You’re always going to be together. You’re always going to be drawn back to each other.”

Their sisterhood and music are mutually beneficial to each other, because as much as their bond as sisters has strengthened the music, music has also given back and cemented their relationships by providing them something to share with each other.

“[We’re in] different sports, different types of extracurricular activities, or they’re in orchestra and I’m in choir; it’s like we don’t always do everything together, and [music is] the one thing that we all have in common and are really passionate about,” Kiana said.

Although all three of the sisters are similarly passionate about music, they each have a unique relationship with it.

“It’s the way I express myself, and some people, they cry, some people, they laugh it out, some people, they talk with friends about it, and I do that too, but the most healing process for me for anything is usually music, and it really is a big part of our lives,” Shilla said.

“I feel that [music] kind of grew with us, and why I love music is because not only does it give us the opportunity to express ourselves, but also it brings me joy,” Kamelia said and she continued jokingly, “I start singing at very random moments. Especially songs that everyone else hates. That’s my kind of expression.”

When Kamelia talks about singing songs everyone else hates, she of course is not talking about their original songs. “Infinity” so far has received positive feedback from friends and classmates.

“I really like their song[s] ‘Ain’t my Home,’ and ‘Perfectly,’” Cooper Alatorre said. “I like the melody that Shilla and Kiana did together. I listen to a lot of rock but I love the way they are able to harmonize with each other.”

Shilla is happy with the positive reception the album has received, especially because of the vulnerability she has expressed through some of the songs she has written.

“With this anxiety of being so transparent… you expect the worst,” she said. “But suddenly everyone’s like, oh I love your songs, and… maybe they’re just saying it because you’re friends, but then you see that they actually mean it! And I find that amazing.”

Although listeners have enjoyed the finished product, for Kamelia, Kiana and Shilla, the process was the best part.

“I have a lot of memories from recording and writing,” Kiana said.

“For us, the process is more important because as soon as we release the songs, they’re not ours any more,” Shilla said. “They belong to the audience; they belong to the people that listen to them… It’s like you have this baby and you take care of it for a really long time.”

“And then it grows up,” Kiana concluded.

Although the launch of the album is bittersweet, the end of a sometimes stressful but ultimately rewarding process of writing and recording, giving their music to the audience is exciting for the band.

“Music, it can bring people together… it can talk to a large group, but it can also just pinpoint one person,” Kiana said.

I might have written it from one situation in my life… one little piece of it, but then as soon as it’s out, people can relate it to different situations in their lives.” Shilla said.

This simultaneous personalization and universality that music demonstrates is beautiful, and it’s one of the reasons that people turn to music again and again for self-expression, a lifted mood, some needed strength. “Infinity” represents all of that. The sisters are glad to finally share their songs, glad that the music that has always permeated their family and home can finally extend beyond their music room’s walls.

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