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a Deeper Look Into the 2017 Eclipse

Emma Conway

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With the first total solar eclipse in 37 years on August 21, Twitter was bound to be buzzing with excitement. The eclipse, which in several cities in Oregon and all over the United States reached 100 percent totality, was enough to make everyone stop and stare.

A lot of people were intrigued and interested in the eclipse, and it even made most people stop talking about the usual political drama.

A tweet shared by @tiffauy showed a clip of a newscast from 37 years ago where a reporter is talking about how the next total eclipse will not be until 2017.

The reporter then says, “May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.” The caption on this tweet read,“I was excited for the solar eclipse but this made me so sad.”

The replies were mainly from people who were upset that, “we let them down” and, “the world is not even slightly at peace.”

This is a ridiculous statement. Are we more disorderly than we have ever been before? Is there more conflict now than ever before? Can you truly say that this is a horrible time for America and the world?

On one hand, there are situations to be upset about right now, such as the growing turmoil in Charlottesville, and the hurricane in Texas. There are reasons to be upset about the current state of affairs, but that just means everyone should try to focus on positivity.

The year 2017 is no more unpeaceful than the Civil War. It is no more unpeaceful than World War II. No more unpeaceful than when African Americans had little to no rights. No more unpeaceful than when women did not have the right to vote.  

Compared to these times, 2017 seems like a walk in the park. Survivors of these events would surely be offended by the notion that being an American right now is the worst it has ever been.

It is human nature to think that your problems are worse than everyone else’s and that things have never been worse than they are right now.  It is important to look at your surroundings and acknowledge that there are other problems besides your own.

There is conflict in America. However, there has always been conflict and there will always be conflict.

Perhaps we could all enjoy the solar eclipse more if people will put an end to what has essentially been an eight-month long temper tantrum.

Hopefully by the time the next solar eclipse rolls around, everyone will be able to focus on positivity and enjoy the extraordinary experience.

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