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For the Love of Jazz

Jazz band plays at Quarry Park

Ashley Pfaff

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It is no secret that Rocklin High School is home to many gifted students, who excel in a wide range of activities in and outside of the classroom. RHS does its best to provide opportunities for their students to showcase their talents.

One such opportunity occurred last week.. Held On Wed., May 17 from 5-9 p.m. the RHS Jazz Band attended The Rocklin Jazz Festival at Quarry Park.

This was a very carefree night where many kicked back and relaxed to the beautiful melodies produced by many talented local musicians. But RHS was not alone; you were also able experience the music of many other local schools aging from middle school to college.

“I was excited to participate in a new community event that brought people together,” states junior Tim Makieve.

It was free admission, which encouraged many jazz fanatics to stop by and enjoy the amazing music. This was a great opportunity for friends and families to spend time with each other and have a relaxing night.

“I’m always looking for ways to get out and have some fun with my friends so I definitely did not miss out on this opportunity,” stated senior Morgan Petrarca.

It was a night many spent filling up on various delicious foods in a peaceful atmosphere, as there were food trucks lined up along the streets while the bands performed

“I’m not going to say I went just for the food, because I love cheering on my friends, so let’s just say the food trucks were an added bonus!” said junior Owen Chambers.

So, definitely a thank you to anyone who went to support Rocklin High school students, hope you made it a night to remember.

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