Girls Serve Up

Girl Up Club Plans a Spaghetti Fundraiser

Girls Serve Up

Maria Hudson

Girl Up Club is notorious for being one of the most popular and powerful student organizations on campus. The club holds all kinds of meetings and hosts events for the community that are intended to benefit those who need support the most. Nothing but positivity comes from Girl Up.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Cynthia Jauregui, a junior here at Rocklin High School who is an avid member of the Girl Up Club. She and I discussed the upcoming Spaghetti Feed, the club’s latest fundraiser.

“[The Spaghetti Feed], it’s kind of cheap, but it does take a lot of effort… it’s just a way to serve not only the people food, but also serving opportunities.” She gushed when I first inquired about the event, “It’s like, in a way, we are serving those who aren’t as fortunate..”

Cynthia stands as an excellent example of someone who is committed, passionate and involved in every aspect of life that is both personal and community-related. Amongst the countless hours of speech and debate, rigorous academics and multiple other on-campus clubs she plays a very active role in Girl Up Club.

“We are raising money to provide education and empowerment for women in developing countries who don’t have access to education.”

When I asked if she was excited, Cynthia was very energetic in her reply.

“Yes! Last year we made little aprons with like, our heros because our theme was hero night and on the tables we had our favorite quotes by really empowering women and it was really nice.”

The Spaghetti Feed event will be happening Thurs. May 25, right before the three-day Memorial Weekend. Everyone is invited and encouraged to come, eat and support the cause.