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Moving On

High school sports are over, what now?

Abbey Connell

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A large portion of a student athlete’s identity on campus revolves around their participation in athletics. However, with the school year coming to a close, the majority of senior student athletes have completed their last season of high school sports.

Some are continuing their passion by moving onto the college level, while others have chosen to leave that part of their life behind.

Senior Jeff Farley has decided on playing lacrosse for The Dominican University of California. RHS doesn’t provide this specific sport, but Jeff has played for the Sierra Foothills League throughout his four years. He has always wanted to play lacrosse at the Division 1 level, meaning a team that only accepts the top athletes, and Dominican has presented him with the perfect opportunity.

“I am beyond excited to play for DU because when I went in for the campus visit, I instantly felt at home, and now I officially have the chance to devote more of myself to the sport I love,” Jeff says.

Another graduating senior, Jenna Wergedal, will be also be extending her athletic experience beyond high school by joining Azusa Pacific’s cheer team next fall.

She explains, “I am so excited because it will be a brand new team full of new experiences and it will give me an opportunity to grow in my skills.”

Her passion for cheerleading and staying involved with her school through spirit led her to tryout for the Azusa team, but she also joined the UCA staff. “UCA” stands for Universal Cheerleaders Association, an organization that helps lead cheer teams around the nation. Jenna was chosen for her talent, charisma and leadership potential. She looks forward to a future full of spirit.

On the other hand, some seniors have decided to ditch athletics and go a different route. Mike Nolan, former basketball and football player, has decided to drop sports as he transitions to college and made the choice of joining the ROTC program.

“I’m just over sports at this point in my life, I knew that it was time to move on and try something new, and I know that ROTC will be perfect for me,” Mike explains.

Overall, sports in high school are important to students who participate in them, whether they choose to continue or not. The emotions will flow, but we wish these seniors good luck on their upcoming journeys ahead.

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