Time to Get Down

Netflix Gives a Glimpse into a New Season


Naeirika Neev and Maria Hudson

Acclaimed film directors Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis joined forces in 2016 to create a television show experience like no other. A cinematic spectacle filled with an explosion of culture, faith, martial arts, crime, music and art. This is “The Get Down”, set in 1977 Bronx, New York.

The story begins one fateful day when young Ezekiel Figuero decides to surprise his friend Mylene Cruz, a beautiful and talented aspiring singer, with whom he is in love, by getting her a rare Misty Holloway record. However, famous graffiti artist, Shaolin Fantastic, is after the same record and is willing to put up quite a fight for it. After their encounter outside the club where Mylene is trying to get the DJ to listen to her record, the two become friends and decide to rule the world together.

Not only does the show give off an amazing vibe, feature great music and showcase a great history, but it also talks about the political corruption of the time. The destitution of impoverished communities and racial tensions set the stage for the characters who use their talents with words and music to transcend their chaotic situations.

One of the most notable aspects of this series, is the portrayal of amazing female characters in how they overcome  numerous obstacles. They serve as great role models who demonstrate great strength and incredible wisdom.

Ezekiel now has to decide between the angel on his shoulder, Mylene, who is trying to get him to work with the city officials to make improvements and build a future for himself, or the more devilish Shaolin Fantastic who wants him to let go of that dream and use his ability with words for the music that they make.

The first season ends almost abruptly and with many loose ends that leave way for a second season. Netflix released the part two trailer on Feb. 24 and it is looking like “The Get Down” is only destined to impress and enrich for seasons to come.