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Sports Brief 2.17

Winter sports head into the end of their seasons.



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Overall Record: 8-3-1

Last Week:On 1-31-17 beat Granite Bay 3-1. On 2-2-17 they beat Nevada Union 3-0. On 2-16-17 they beat Woodcreek 2-1 with goals by Arjan and Cole!!!

Upcoming: playoffs TBA

They said it: According to Dylan Finley the struggle last game was that del oro scored first so it was hard to come back starting down. Dylan states “the team struggles by Cole Henderson getting a yellow card every game.” Dylan plays left and center mid. Dylan is looking forward to the game vs. Woodcreek because it the senior night game. Chris states “ they go out to dinner the night before for home games.” At practice they do 20-30 passion set piece and condition. Chris also plays goalie. The team states that its hard to get a fair game when the refs are not so good. Also very hard to get playing time with the amount of players on the team.


Last Week: played against Del Oro 2-0

This Week: Woodcreek

Bright Spots: Shane Burton stated that game days for their teams are intense and very fun. He continues to say that they had only lost two games of the season. The struggles the team faces is that they need to work on their shooting. The highlights of the last game was that the team’s goalie, Merrick Cole did a great job at blocking the shots. The other goalie, Matteo Oggnissanti stated that a tradition that the team has is before every game they get an inspirational pep- talk to get them pumped for the game. He also says that before a home game, they always have a team dinner.

They said it: “Something new about our team this year is on JV there is a lot of freshmen more than sophomores” (Matteo Oggnissanti).


League record
Overall record 16-0-3
Last week : Away game @ Folsom 2/6, tied 1-1

This week : Home game vs Oakridge 2/16

Bright spots : Cade Terry made the goal tying the game
They said it : “It doesn’t matter if we’re losing, we’ll always play our hardest and fight to get the win,” said Casey Miller.
Bright Spots: Dylan states “he was looking forward to playing center mid next to Justin Quach.”

This Week: The team continues to train along with Whitney players in preparation for their upcoming matches in Divisionals today, February 17th, and tomorrow the 18th. Rocklin wrestlers competing include Colby Frey, Aaron Wilson, Shane Kumararatne, Logan Bik, Jacob Meggers, Sam Hinerman, Max Pitts, Hunter Gonzalez, Brian Horn, Max Hammond and Joey Wuelfing.


League Record: 2-10

Overall Record: 11-16

Last Week: Lost to Folsom 69-27

This Week: Won against Nevada Union 58-57

They said it: “We had a really rough season, and it was really cool to finally be able to win a game.  We knocked Nevada Union out of the playoffs.” Amena Nelson


This week: Varsity cheers on the Varsity Boys Basketball team vs. Granite Bay and Nevada Union at home. They took part in senior night on Thursday and celebrated the boys win.

Bright Spots: Their halftime was goodbye music for the seniors and all their stunts hit during their halftime performance.

They said it: “My last game was really fun but bittersweet. I’m happy my last high school game was packed with students” (Ashley Graves).


Last Week: JV and Varsity dance both perform halftime routines at the JV and Varsity basketball game.

This Week: JV and Varsity perform at both the JV and Varsity basketball games

Bright Spots: Both teams performed well executed routines for halftime.

They said it: Emily Smith said, “I’m enjoying every minute of the basketball games as the season comes to an end.”


Overall Record: 10-1

Last Week:  Jan. 24, vs. Rio Americano win 1-0, Feb. 14, vs. Inderkum win 3-0

Upcoming: Season over

They said it: “We had our last game and it was really sad because it was our last game on the freshman team together. It was really memorable season and I had a lot of fun” Abbie Brendlen

Bright Spots: “I think that Mackenzie was a star player in our last name because she scored a header goal, which really woke us up as team during the game.” Abbie Brendlen


League Record: 11-1

Overall Record: 26-1

Last Week: Last week the boys had two away games, one on Wednesday at Oak Ridge, and one on Friday at Folsom.

This Week: This week we had two games. First, Tuesday they played Granite Bay and won, and Wednesday they played Nevada Union and had our first loss.

Bright Spots: The boys ended the season with only one loss, against Nevada Union. They are sad that the season is over, but the boys are excited to play together next year and hopefully end undefeated.

They said it: “My favorite part of this season was being on the team and representing our high school.” – Tynan Murphy



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Sports Brief 2.17