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Sports Briefs 1.20

Winter sports in full swing

Jadyn Breien

Jadyn Breien

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Next week: Game on 1/20 against Nevada Union.
Score: 67-63, Rocklin lost.
Quotes: “We struggled in the first half of the game, specifically the second quarter to score but at half time we our minds right and came out playing fast! My favorite part of the game was when we made the come back in the last two minutes and brought it back to 4 points.” (Carson Sparks)
“My favorite part of the game was when Carson [Sparks] blocked Daren. He is 6’8 and is 280 pounds and Carson blocked him! Some of our key players are also Trace and Nick as well as Jake. The team has a few pre-game rituals, like when we get on the court we huddle and chant “hoo-ha!” and the coach says some words of wisdom.” (Jayden Siler).


League Record: 0-4

Overall Record: 9-10

Last Week: Home game against Oak Ridge, lost 65-17

This Week: lost to Granite Bay 52-36, @ Nevada Union 1/20

Bright Spots: Jesse scored back to back three pointers.

They said it: “I’m confident about tomorrow’s game, and a little nervous.  I have more motivation from yesterday’s game.” Maddie Campbell


League Record: 4-0

Overall Record: 19-0

Last Week: Last week, Tuesday, January 10th they played Del Oro and won. They then played Oakridge on Thursday, January 12th and won.

This Week: Tuesday they played Granite Bay, and tonight they play Nevada Union at 5:30.

Bright Spots: The boys have been working very hard at practices to assure they keep up their winning streak. They know that practicing will only make them better and they all want to end the season undefeated.

They said it: “It has been fun to have the success we have.” -Tanner Gomes

Overall Record: 0-4
Last Week: Loss to Granite Bay @ Granite Bay
This Week: Friday Jan 20 @ 3:30PM (A) vs Nevada Union HS, Tuesday Jan 24 @ 4:00PM (H) vs [Shadow] Folsom HS, Thursday Jan 26 @ 5:30PM (A) vs Woodcreek
They said it: “Sadie Smurthwaite is a great defender and very aggressive.” -Carly Gutierrez


This week: JV boys beat Granite Bay 78-53
Next week: On the 19th the boys will play Nevada Union
Bright Spots: “I do not like sitting out because I love to play basketball and I love being apart of my team on the court, but I still love to support my team on the bench,” says Liam Mays who broke his foot playing football with friends.
They said it: “It was a close first half but then we had some good defensive possessions and we brought up our score by ten. The second half we just kept pushing to stay up with a lead” (Henry Streacker).

Last Week: They beat Oakridge 1-0 with 18 minutes left in the game Jason Cheap scores the goal. Also winning Nevada Union 2-1 with goals from Clay Cottrell and Arjan Chahal.
This Week: on Thursday January 19th vs. Del Oro 5:30/7:00.
Bright Spots: After losing a few games they are back on track to winning games again.
They said it: Camdon Murphy, our left midfielder, states that he is glad the team is back on track from losing. He says that the last few games have been tough with scoring but they came through with a win. Camdon is looking forward to winning the playoffs this year. Our striker, Arjan Chahal, tells us that the games were slightly tough with maintaining possession of the ball. He also says that he wants to make it to sections like last year.


Overall Record: 3-4

This Week: They played Oak Ridge HS and and lost 1 to 2 in the final minutes. Tonight (1/19/17) they will be playing at 7:00pm against Del Oro HS at Del Oro.

Bright Spots: “The highlight was when Madeline Morrison scored the goal because it was such a challenging game” (Christina Lazar).

They said it: “What went wrong in the Granite Bay game was, we had possession of the ball most of the time and were constantly shooting but were unable to get it into the goal” (Christina Lazar).

This Week: We are playing Del Oro today at their stadium.
Last Week: 2-1 win over Oakridge, they passed well and used their goalie as a fourth defender to come up with the win.
Winter Break: 2-0 win over Folsom, and a 1-2 close loss to Granite Bay
Moments to Improve: We could have worked better as a team and passed better against Granite Bay.
Injuries: Allie Lister and Jaclynn Pineiro have torn ACL’s

Last Week: Rocklin vs. Oakridge. 1/13 vs. Del Oro 5:30
Bright Spots: Luis Garcia made a header goal. The Oakridge team was very difficult to possess against because their techniques are solid and consistent.


League record: 2-0
Overall record: 8-2-2
Last week: beat Oroville

This week: vs Jesuit on Tuesday, vs El Camino on Thursday, and @ Oakridge on Friday

Bright spots: Scored goals off of breakaways and corner kicks to win the game.
They said it: “Never give up and keep trying even if you fail,” Kobe Floresca.


Overall Record: 8-1

Last Week: January 5th vs.Whitney lost 2-0. January 15th @Inderkum, win 4-0. January 18th @Folsom, win 2-0.

This Week: January 24th vs. Rio Americano @4pm

They said it: “It was extremely hard to play good yesterday because of the weather, but we still won. Brianna Dunham pulled her ACL and has multiple bone bruises and is out for 6 months.” Paeli Sekulich “It was really really cold and windy and rainy and everyone wanted to to be canceled but we still played, and we won.” Ava Casey

Bright Spots: “Savanna got the the second goal, that she was really hoping for.” Paeli Sekulich “Every game we have someone look up a quote, before the game, to motivate us.” Ava Casey

This week: Varsity cheers on the Varsity Boys Basketball team @ Granite Bay. They did not perform a halftime because it was an away game.
Bright Spots: Their sideline cheers got the players pumped for the game.
They said it: “We tried to keep the spirit up because their cheer team was loud too. We ended up losing by a close game but we were still proud of them for putting up a fight” (Sophie Paul).


Last Week: JV dance team performed at the JV basketball game and Varsity dance performed at the Varsity Basketball game.

This Week: Dance team goes to both wrestling meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

Bright Spots: Both the teams performed well executed half-time routines and did a great job cheering on the teams.

They said it: Siena Giampaoli said, “I love performing at the basketball games since it is a different setting than football games and we do different styles of dancing.”
This Week: The team has another league match today against Folsom.
Last Week: Varsity starts off league with losses to Del Oro (12-58) and Oak Ridge (12-510 but also pick up their first win against Woodcreek 42-19. In the Tim Brown tournament Logan Bik finished in 7th, Hunter Gonzalez took 5th and Brian Horn with 3rd.
Injury Report: All players are available to wrestle

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