Sports Briefs 12.7

Winter sports have begun with a few games and tournaments.


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This Week: Varsity boys play  River Valley with a win of 70-64

Bright Spots: Trace O’Brien hit his 6’3 and it pretty much sealed the game. It was a pretty good team win. 

“The locker room usually the coach talks to us about the other team and what we need to do to win. The coach gets hype sometimes, he usually jumps around and pushes us,” says Carson Sparks.


This week: Boys basketball plays River Valley 54-56, suffering a tough loss. This week they are also getting ready for their tournament over the weekend.  

Bright Spots: “It felt good when we were winning in the beginning of the game, but they eventually caught up to us and ended up winning the game by two points.” -Darrius Kendall

They said it: “It’s difficult being a freshman on JV basketball because I’m the youngest on the team and it feels like I have to work harder than the other boys. The first home game against River Valley was really intense, in my opinion, we should have won because we’re a better team than them but we didn’t play to our best abilities. Our team is really good, but there is definitely some room for improvement.” -Darrius Kendall


Last Week: Tuesday November 29th all squads played river valley at rocklin. Then, Thursday through Saturday Dec 1-3, The boys had a tournament.

This Week: Today, December 6th, the boys are playing Cordova at Cordova High School starting at four.

Bright Spots: The Frosh boys basketball team is hard at work. They practice everyday with the exception of sunday. They have won all five of their games and are confident in having an undefeated season. The season is still pretty new but all of the boys are already getting along at practices.

They said it: “Last week was fun because we won our first tournament.” – Colby O’Brien   


League Record: 0-0

Overall Record: 3-2

Last Week: Won against El Dorado 57-46

This Week: Home game against Christian Brothers

Bright Spots: There were no injuries

They said it: “Yes, I feel like we worked really hard to prepare for the game.” Danielle Clarion


Overall Record: 0-0

League: 0-0

Last Week: Thurs.-Sat. December 1-3 River City Tournament. Rocklin won Thursday’s game game 36-34, lost Friday’s game 56-30 and lost saturday’s game 45-35  2 head injuries and a twisted ankle had 3 team members sitting out on a game. One exciting moment in the tournament for the team was when the opponent took out both guards and two members had to take on a new position.

This Week: December 6 home non-conference game vs. Christian Brothers @ 5:30pm  

They said it: “Our team doesn’t give up and were like a family. It was a great first tournament.” -Kayana Trimmer


Overall Record: 0-0

Last Week: 7th place in SFL tournament.

This Week: Game @ Whitney at 5:00 on 12/14.

Bright Spots: Ava Mayama made 15 points in the last game of the tournament.

They said it: “We got progressively better with each game so I think we are going to keep getting better and better. We will be one of the better teams by the end of season.” -Sadie Smurthwaite


League Record:

Overall Record: 3-0

Last Week: They beat Vacaville 7-1 on December 2nd. Also beat Bella vista on December 1st 1-0.

This Week: Rocklin has played roseville and has ended the game in a tie.  Next game is at home on wednesday vs Davis.

Bright Spots: With a winning header from Camden Murphy with one minute left of the game we beat Bella Vista High School.

They said it: Kevin Bugan plays defence. Kevin said he doesn’t really have much to say besides the team is really strong this year and that during the week he had a broken foot but hes glad to be back. Arjan Chahal plays outside mid and he also states he’s looking forward to the new season with a strong team.


Last Week: They tied with Roseville 0-0 on December 6th.

This Week: Next game is at home on wednesday vs Davis.

Bright Spots: The goalie, Matteo Ognissanti, was proud of the fact that no one on the Roseville team scored against him. Mateo explains how he enjoys the pep talks before each game, given by his coach and how the team  cooperates together. Mateo states that he relies on his back up, Merrick Cole, who plays a good midfielder as well as a goalie. Benjamin states that he enjoyed watching his team work together to obtain the same goal:to win.

They said it: “I play soccer because I’m too small for football.” (Benjamin, Wall)


League record 2-0

Overall record 2-0

Last week : Tied with Bella Vista High 12/3

This week : Won against Roseville High, at Whitney High Saturday 12/10.

Bright spots : Asher Baptista scored two goals followed by Cade Terry & Kobe Floresca scoring two additional goals, winning their game against Roseville High School on Monday.
They said it “I’m glad I joined the Rocklin soccer team because it gives me more opportunity to play on the field with players I haven’t before,” said Kobe Floresca


Overall Record: 0-1

Last Week:  On Thursday, they played against Bella Vista HS. On Friday, they played Pleasant Valley HS.

This Week: On Monday, they played against Roseville HS and lost 0-2. On Wednesday, they will be playing Davis HS at Davis starting at 6pm. On Saturday, they will be playing WHITNEY HS at Whitney HS.


Overall Record: 2-0

Last Week: Win bella vista 3-0, win vs. Roseville

This Week: Rio @2:00

They said it: “ I think that Briana Dunham scored a lot of goals.” –Annika Gresko

“We haven’t lost yet. We have started making more progress with runs and passes.” –Sarah Smyth


This Week: In an exhibition dual meet, the boys defeated Whitney 39 to 24.

Last Week: The team won the Grizzly Invitational for the second consecutive year.


Last Week: Dance performs in the dance 4 show 4WRD at Whitney High. Shows took place on December 1st, 2nd and, 3rd @ 7 pm and 2pm and 7pm on the 3rd.

Coming Up: Dance will be splitting up into JV and Varsity for the first time all season for basketball season.

Bright Spots: The 4WRD shows had the biggest audience they have had out of all the years of putting on this show.

They said it: Taylor Davidson said, “Out of all the three years I’ve been in 4WRD, I would consider this the most successful show I have been in because everything ran smoothly and I loved all the dances I was in.”


This week: The girls cheered at their first game of the season and supported the boys. They got to perform a halftime that was well practiced.

Bright Spots: They increasingly got better at sidelines as the game went on and they hit their first halftime of the season.

They said it: “My team did very well performing. At sidelines we were not very well prepared but a halftime we earned it back. We are excited for our next game and hoping for a bigger crowd” (Savanna Morales).