The Seasons are Literally Changing

Girl’s soccer is now going to be in winter instead of spring


Allison McCrary

High schools all over the United States are shaking things up by transitioning the girl’s soccer season to winter instead spring.

“It is actually a good thing because the track team won’t be up at the track so it will open up another field for us to use,” soccer Coach Paul Morrison commented. “With the stadium lights, instead of having to end games at around 7, we can have games going until much later.”

Track and girl’s soccer have always been spring sports, but now they won’t have to share the turf anymore, giving soccer another field to practice and play on.

Along with more fields being open, the girl’s joints will actually become stronger and healthier since instead of having two practices a day, they will only only have one. When the girl’s soccer season is in the spring, it is the same time as club soccer and as a result the girls have to attend two practices everyday and sometimes even choose between the two teams.

The girls who were not able to do spring sports like swim or track can now do both.

“I might do track this year,” said varsity soccer player Carly Hinton,

However, the change has presented the coaches and girls with problems, as well.

“I am having to choose between two sports I love,” said senior Alyssa Goyhenetche. Alyssa is not only on the soccer team, but the basketball team too. Alyssa said that with the new soccer season, “[she] can do track if [she] want[s], but now [she] [has] to choose between soccer and basketball.”

Along with presenting players with a difficult choice, players will be facing completely different weather conditions from what they are used to. Instead of practicing and playing in the heat of the sun, they will now be facing colder weather with rain, wind and muddy fields.

The new girl’s soccer season is definitely worth watching.  With new teams, a new season and new opportunities, this year’s soccer season will prove to be one unlike any other.