Sports Briefs 10.3

Frosh football rolls over Vista Del Lago

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League Record: 1-0

Overall Record:  5-0

Last Week: Beat Nevada Union 34-7

This Week : Beat Vista Del Lago 49-0

Bright Spots : Paris Cordell made a touchdown. Also, the team was ahead the whole time.

They said it : Canyon Props said, “This game was a good way for us to prepare for the Oakridge and Folsom game.”



Last Week: The dance team did not perform last Friday as football had a bye.

This Week: The dance team will be performing this Friday at the homecoming rally and football game.

Bright Spots: The team participated in Relay for Life on Saturday at Azevedo Park to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

They Said It: Megan Davidson said she was most excited “to spend the whole day with her team and not have to focus on dance or school.” during Relay for Life.



Last Week: Vs DEL Oro 3-6

This Week: They won 8-1 against woodcreek

Bright Spots: Bailey Greenwell stated that the last game she had played against Del Oro was great but more challenging that she thought.. Her key focus is to get point by point. Bailey really liked the San Luis Obispo travel because she got to bond with the girls. So far the varsity girls like the team bonding.

They said it:: “My favorite thing so far about the season was the San Luis Obispo tournament. It was really good being with the team and getting closer while having fun. I also really like the team bondings.” Bailey said.



Last Week: Oak Ridge, Del Oro 1-9,Woodcreek 8-1, Mcclatchy played on Saturday

This Week:

Bright Spots: Allison Maranta states that the most difficult point of playing tennis is it has been very hot lately. The tennis court radiates the heat which affects Maranta as she is playing. What Allison likes most about tennis is that it is a team sport. She states it’s only you on the court, so it’s up to you, but you have your teammates there to support you. Zoe Shorts says she likes that her and her teammates are all trying to improve. Shorts emphasised how she liked that Janae Schmidt plays singles and that she is proud of her teammate. Shorts states that her teammate Janae has a really good serve and that she has improved greatly.  

They said it:: “Your partner for doubles is picked based on ability. Everyone lines up based upon your ability and every week you usually have a different partner” (Zoe Shorts). “On tuesday we played Del Oro and it was the biggest match of the season because it very competitive. We lost 1-9, but it was good experience for us”( Allison Maranta).



Overall Record: 10-1

Last Week:  Vs. Folsom 2-0 win, Vs. Granite Bay win 2-1

This Week: @Nevada Union, Vs El Camino Fundamental Hs, Vs Pleasant Grove HS

Bright Spots: Abby Mangelsdorf did a really great job playing outside as well as Gracie Adams who did a fantastic job of communicating to her team mates.

They said it: “Even though we lost the second game, I think that we still fought really hard.” Ashley Franz  “There was a lot positive encouragement on and off the court.” Ashley Franz




League Record:2-1

Overall Record: 4-1 (Including Tournaments 8-2)

Last Week: Defeated Nevada Union 15-11 on Fri. Sept 17th

This Week: Defeated Del Oro at DO 14-5 on Wednesday, September 28th

Key Moments: Against Del Oro, the team’s chemistry was exceptional as they had great passing and were able to create successful counter attacks

Injury Report: Johnathan Flowers has a cut on his foot and did not play this week, but is currently recovering


League Record:1-2

Overall Record: 6-5 (including tournament 9-7)

Last Week: On Wednesday the 24th, the girls defeated Nevada Union 11-7

This Week: Lost to Del Oro at DO 9-6 last Wednesday, the 28th

Bright Spots: Team communication was superb although they had a loss

Improvement: Against Del Oro, they needed to be a bit more aggressive to be successful

Injury Report: Although no major injuries, a few players have sore shoulders



Last Week JV Boys/Girls: Wednesday September 28 @ Del Oro 6:45pm vs Del Oro

This Week JV Boys/Girls: Wednesday October 5 @ Woodcreek 6:45pm vs Woodcreek

Bright Spots JV boys won Del Oro 9-6 No known injuries. Awesome skip shot made by Aiden Bomgardner. Bomgardner scored most points during the game.

JV girls lost Del Oro 10-6. There was a shoulder injury during the game. Exciting ball return to Rocklin from Del Oro. Most points scored by Sadie Smurthwaite.  

They said it: Girls: “We put in a lot of effort, it was a good game.” Cassie Copeland

Boys: “ Excited to win. Fun game.” Ashton Malmberg



Last Week: Last Wednesday September 28th, all teams ran in their second league meet of the season at Nevada Union High School.

This Week: All teams are participating in Capital Classic @ Haggin Oaks this Saturday October 1st.

Bright Spots: Last week Rocklin ran in their second league meet of the year. Yesterday they had a meet at Haggin Oaks. They team said their second meet went really well and that they are enjoying the season and the cooler weather. Rocklin continues to do well at the meets and the team looks forward to the rest of the season.

They said it: “This week was fun because we had a meet it was good…overall Rocklin got 2nd or 3rd” Marisa Carmizz