Noirre: Local Band Making it Big

Noirre, an Indie-Rock band from the Sacramento area, produces quality music.


Caitlin Caffrey

Growing up in a small town can be kind of boring, but 18-year-olds Devon Murray and CJ Caffrey made the most of it. The two boys combined their special talents to create what is now known as Noirre.

Having grown up on the West Coast, their music is a mix of indie, rock, pop, and R&B. In February 2015,  Noirre held the spot on the influential music radio service for the number one Indie Rock single. Their music had better ratings than popular bands such as Modest Mouse, The Kooks, and Phoenix.

Noirre writes and performs all of their own music. They use lyrics that relate to a lot of personal experiences. They have many teenage and young adult fans because of the personal aspect to their upbeat music.

Noirre’s music is being played all over the place, including local coffee shops. Their music has also been featured on a few television shows on the Pivot TV network. The local band has been noticed by people across country and even across the globe, including in Japan.

The band’s most popular song is “My Mistakes Were Made For You,” which is featured on both of their albums. Noirre also made a music video for their song “Real.” This track is on their most recent album, Nostalgia, which was released on Oct. 6th.

There are currently four members in the band. Devon Murray, who is also known as Noirre, is the lead singer. CJ Caffrey, also known as Natve, is the lead guitarist. Noirre and Natve both have their own side projects but collaborate on music together.  Both artists are also signed to Pool Swimmer Records, and the other two band members will be joining soon.

With currently two albums out, Noirre is scheduled to go on tour in February and March of 2016 throughout the west coast. Both of their albums are also on iTunes and can be seen on Pool Swimmer Records’ website. The first album, Nite Tales, was released on June 10, 2014 and they just recently released their newest one. Rocklin’s local band is on their way to fame with the path that they are taking.