Your Story, Your School: Allison Wilhem

Your Story, Your School: Allison Wilhem

Haley Bradbury

I joined dance team because I thought it would be a really good experience. I liked the idea of broadening my dance skills and learning how to perform better. I also thought it would be a great way to gain new friends and learn a lot from other experienced dancers.

The process for trying out was a two-week trial. We learned a routine and then  performed it for them at the end of the 2 weeks. We also had an interview for them to help to get to know us, learn about our dance skills and things like how long we have danced for. I think the interview was a great way for them to see our personality and see how we would fit in the dance team.

My reaction when I found out was very surprised. I didn’t expect to make it so when I found out I was very emotional and started to cry. It took me a long time to get it through my brain that I had made it. I knew that not as many freshman girls are able to make it in, it made me even more surprised and excited to be on the dance team.

Some things I do to prepare for a performance are closing my eyes and going over the routine in my head. I picture the movements and timing and it helps me focus and review the things that I do wrong, and make sure I have everything down that I need to know. We also have a team dinner the night of the performance. This helps us come together as a team and prepare for the performance.

My favorite dance move is the kickline. I really like how we are all in sync and the cool effect it has on the audience. It is really cool to feel as one with your team. I think it is extremely amazing that we are all able to be on time and do the kicks right because it makes the effect so much cooler. Without the kick line move, the performance would have less of an impact that it does.

Prior to the dance team I had done three years of dance. I have done ballet, jazz, hip hop, and acro. Acro is dance that involves acrobatics so there is a lot of flexibility involved.