VAPA Programs to Undergo Scheduling Changes


The talk that change is inevitable at Rocklin High is being backed up yet again in the 2014-2015 school year. This time, in the Performing Arts portion of the VAPA Department, multiple changes are being brought about. With a special surprise, a spark has been lit and intricate rearrangements have taken place. After discussion and decision on subjects about accessibility, convenience and overall ease, a new plan for moving contents of activities in the Arts Department has been set into action.

According to Mrs. Blankenship, the blue day dance instructor (Dance I/ Dance II Partners) this change was presented when an exciting, “personal situation in one of the teacher’s lives occurred (and) the schedule needed to change,” said Blankenship.

To make the overall reform efficient, the Dance I show and Advanced Dance Show has been switched. This shift of programs is describe as a test for only this year. This can mean myriads for students, participants, and teachers. Joining the bandwagon, Ms. Toepke decided for the benefit of the students she would move the Elementary School Play earlier in the year to aid for academic purposes. As for the other Performing Arts teachers, Mr. Spiess and Mr. Dick, have not decided on any major changes aside from rehearsal times clashing with other events, and so the scheduled shows will stay the same.

Scheduled Changes (According to the Planner):

  • Advanced Dance Show: (March 14-16)
  • Dance I Show: (May 5-7)
  • Elementary School Play: (Not Listed/TBA)

With the goal to help people and alleviate stress, the change predicts multiple positive benefits. For example, Blankenship is ecstatic to have more time to teach her Dance I students technique and in-depth lessons.

“It’s wonderful for the students…(they) will flourish!” said Blankenship.

Toepke noted similar aspects that will help the students. She explained how it is for the benefit for the Dance I students as well.

“It affects Dance I in a positive way,” said Toepke.

In this way, the teachers are excited for the change. This new drive will ultimately be for the best. This change is a test, but if this project turns out as a success, then Rocklin may have a permanent rearrangement.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some people do not mind the change. For Mr. Dick, our respected conductor, he explained that he is a part of the performance group that is not majorly affected.

“All my dates stay the same,” said Dick.

Aside from teachers, many students are indifferent to the new structure. If the change goes well or not, it all depends on how well it is received.

To every angle, there is a disagreement. Some problems include conflicts, changes and general confusion. One example is Mr. Spiess’ concern towards the switches. He is wary of what may come to be and cause problems, especially school-wise.

“I lose a lot of people before concerts with Ap testing,” said Spiess.

He does not want anything else interfering because having students participating is especially important. As for him, he could not move any of his concerts for, it would be tough to teach the material at such an early time. This is a common problem apparently without the change, but it worries many teachers that this may come more in play as time goes on. It is not just tough for teachers, but students may have trouble handling everything at  once as well.

With every solution there is guaranteed disagreement, but with this new rearrangement, the performance teachers hopes it works out for the best.